I am no demigod but I am one of Artemis's hunters. I have silver hair that is in a pixie cut. I love to visit camp when I have the time to see my best friend Xanthra. So I was now at camp because Artemis had sent me on a quest. I'm not supposed to tell what I'm doing but I know I'm going to need help. After dropping my things off in one of the cabins I walked over to the archery range where I saw Xanthra practicing her bow. I nocked an arrow on my bow and shot an arrow just past her ear and into the center of the target making Xanthra fall backward. I started laughing then laughed even harder when she glared at me. Then after a couple seconds she burst out laughing as well.

"Long time no see my friend." I say. Last time I saw her was like two years ago.

"Sam! How have you been?" She asked me

"I've been great! What about yourself?"

The End

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