Demented: The Voices WithinMature

Scythe was leaning back in the recliner as Erinia flitted around the living room, picking up her and Scythes mess from dinner the night before. She glanced over to see Scythe lovingly eyeing the blade of his pocket knife as his thumb gently stroked the edge of the blade.

"Are you going to sit there fondling your knife all day or are you actually gonna go to work?" Erinia sighed at him.

Scythe slumped forward, his elbows resting on his knees and sighed back at her. "What's the point? Life's mundane, pointless."

Erinia rolled her big, beautiful emerald green eyes at his comment. "Either stop complaining, or kill yourself."

"Why do you keep me around?" Scythe questioned as his eyes scanned over her face. He needed to hear her answer. Erinia wasn't fond of humans. She was a fairy, not the sparkly little Tinker Bell kind. No. She was as big as an average human. She had a gorgeous body with that wonderful hourglass shape, her chest was well proportioned. She had long blonde hair with black streaks. She was beautiful, but she was vicious. Her source of nourishment was those like Scythe… human. Scythe was sure he would, someday, become one of her meals.     

Erinia fluttered towards Scythe, eyeing him up and down. He was gorgeous. His jet black hair always fixed in a faux hawk, his handsome face clean shaven except for a small strip in the middle of his chin. Erinia found herself drooling over him all the time but would never admit to Scythe just how often she did it. "Because, you're too attractive to eat," Erinia responded.

Scythe shook his head as a slight smirk appeared on his lips. "You mean I'm the beautiful cake no one wants to carve into because it looks to pretty."

Erinia cocked her head slightly, her eyes fixed on the ceiling as she contemplated this analogy. "Yes. Exactly."

"Well," Scythe chuckled "You do know that eventually that temptation takes over and the cake never wins. It still gets eaten no matter how perfect it looks." He tossed his blade in the air, catching it by the handle as it flipped its way back down.

"I know." Erinia smiled and shrugged. "Guess I will just have to take a picture of you before I devour your perfect form. Now get going. You're going to be late."

"But...." Scythe stood up and walked over to Erinia putting an arm around her shoulders. "What if I wanna stay here with you?"

Erinia shrugged him off. "How many times do I have to tell you not to touch me? Just because you're sexy doesn't mean I want physical contact with you. And, as far as staying here with me...." She opened her mouth wide, exposing all of her sharp fangs. Hissing, she jumped at him. The speed in which she moved caused Scythe to stumble in surprise, ultimately saving him from losing an eye as he fell out of her grasp. "You'll find yourself in the pit of my stomach," Erinia cackled.

"Fine. Fine. I'll go to work." He stomped off to get ready.


Twenty minutes later Scythe found himself in front of his locker at work when he heard a familiar “SCYYYYTHE” from the office. Scythe palmed his forehead. “What can that bastard want now?” Scythe thought to himself.

“Scythe, my boy.” Hendrix beamed as he clapped Scythe on the back as Scythe shoved his phone and cigarettes into his locker.

“Uh, hi Hendrix. What’s up?” Scythe’s confusion at Hendrix was well placed. It was not like the chubby grumpy manager to be so chipper and happy, especially regarding the employee he was now smiling at.

“You did it, kid.”

“Did what?”

“Our sales are through the roof. It’s all thanks to you and those good looks of yours.” Hendrix danced his way out onto the floor of the store.

After throwing on his name tag, Scythe also made his presence known on the floor only to be stopped by a curly redhead.

“Scythe, hi,” the redhead waved as she ran up to him batting her eyes.

“Oh…. Hey. What can I help you with, Tricia?” He was trying to avoid looking at her. He didn’t want to give her the wrong idea. She was still in high school, and although he was only 27, she was too young for him.

“Um… well, I was actually wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime.” She said as her cheeks burned and her eyes focused on something fascinating on the floor.

Scythe didn’t want to hurt her, but he wasn’t going to get caught up in this. “Um… Trish… I um….” He racked his brain, trying to find a good excuse to tell her no. “I have a girlfriend,” he blurted then face palmed himself.

“Oh… who?” Tricia glanced around the store as if searching for the made up girlfriend.

“Her name’s… um…. Erinia.” Another face palm and a muttered “Shit.”

“Does she work here?”

Scythe shook his head. “No. Now if you need help with something, I’ll be more than happy to assist. If not, I really need to get to work.”

Tricia nodded, her eyes back on the tiles beneath her feet. “Sorry I bothered you,” she whispered and walked away.

The rest of Scythe’s day pretty much went like that all day. Women just couldn’t seem to leave him alone and he hated it.

When Scythe walked into the house, he slammed the door and plopped into the recliner with a sigh.

“Maybe you should be a Chippendale or an escort. You’d make good money,” Erinia chuckled.

“Oh shut up,” Scythe threw a pillow at her head.

“Hey! Watch it! I spent all day on this hair.” She patted it gently. “I have a date,” she beamed.

“You mean a meal?”

“Call it what you want.” She grinned at him and headed out the door.

Scythe was now bored with Erinia gone. At least she had a life even if it was just her hunting for food. She still got to get out there. Sure, he had his choice of women, but he couldn’t allow himself to get involved in all of that. The last time he had felt for a woman she had betrayed him. Much like everyone else he ever let get close to him in his life.

            He decided to pull out his phone and play a game, but saw that he had an email. He stared in disbelief at the notification for a second. He never got emails, not even spam. He finally clicked on the notification icon. The message read…

            “Hey Scythe,

This is Wren. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but we had a few classes together in college and became kind of close until you disappeared. I… um… I heard about what happened. I tried to contact you earlier, but you’re a hard man to track down. I hope you’re doing okay.  You don’t have to email me back, but I’d like to know that you’re ok. Talk to you soon… I hope.


Scythe dropped his phone in shock. Wren… he hadn’t forgotten her. How could he? Back in college, other than Ryan and his ex-girlfriend, Wren had been his only friend. Then shit with Ryan got ugly when Scythe caught Ryan having sex with Scythe’s girlfriend. Wren was the only one that helped him through all of it. He had come to care about her, but he was afraid to trust anyone, so he pushed his feelings and Wren away. And, yet, here she was. Even after he had been the biggest asshole imaginable to her, she still cared. For a moment he thought about ignoring her, moving on, but he couldn’t. Not after the way he had treated her in the past. Maybe she deserved his trust. So he picked up his phone and hit reply. He wrote…

“Hey Wren, it’s been a while. I’m doin’ alright. Hope things are ok with you. Um… this email thing isn’t really my style. We should talk, ya know, the right way.”

He gave her his number and hit send. “What the hell am I thinking?” He was confused and flustered. He and Erinia had partnered up so they could take their revenge out on the world. He didn’t need to get mixed up with the past. Not to mention he was borderline clinically psychotic. Erinia needs to just nudge him a little more over the edge and he will be complete. He didn’t want Wren anywhere near him when that happened. For a brief moment he thought about changing his number and deleting his email account. He couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not yet. He needed to see her one more time. He needed to apologize and let her know how he really felt about her back then.

            “Maybe I could tell her the truth. What would she think of me?” Scythe sat there in silence trying to envision all the possible scenarios that could happen if he told her. Maybe he was getting a little ahead of himself. Maybe she didn’t want to see him. Scythe was so confused with himself. Normally he didn’t care what anyone thought of him… not even Erinia. But, Wren… that was different.

            Scythe was brought out of his thoughts when his phone started ringing. He looked at the screen expecting it to be Erinia. Instead, a number he didn’t recognize flashed across the screen. He pushed a button and held the phone to his ear. “Hello?”

“Um… is this Scythe?”

            The voice was female and very familiar. “Wren?” Scythe breathed in disbelief

            “Yeah… uh… I got your email a little while ago. Called as soon as I got out of work.” She let out a nervous chuckle. “God that makes me sound eager.”

            Scythe smiled and leaned back. His comfort level was surprisingly very high. “No… No… I’m glad you called so quickly.”

            “Oh… well… good. I… uh… I was thinking about getting some dinner. I’m starved. Do you wanna meet me?”

            Scythe took in a shocked breath. She must have heard because she quickly stuttered out “Don’t worry. It’s not a date or anything. I mean, unless…. I’m just gonna shut up now.” She let out another nervous laugh.

            “Um… you know what? Dinner sounds great.”

            “Oh ok.” Wren breathed a sigh of relief. “Well, I hope you don’t mind  something simple.”

            “Not at all. What do you have in mind?”

            “How about Benny’s Café?”

            “That sounds amazing. I love Benny’s.”

            “Great. Me too. Give me about 45 minutes and I’ll be there.”

            Scythe smiled. “K. I’ll see ya there. Will you recognize me?”

            Wren laughed. “Scythe, it’s only been… what? Five years? Have you changed how you look all that much?”

            “Good point,” Scythe chuckled. “K. Well, see ya at Benny’s.” Scythe hung up and ran to examine himself. He was still wearing his black work slacks and short sleeve button up. He felt a little too dressed up for a café. He knew exactly what to wear. He threw on a pair of faded jeans that hung semi loose around his entire lower body. He synched up the waist of his jeans with a black studded belt. For the upper half, he threw on a black t-shirt with a really neat skull design on it. Over the t-shirt he had on a black and white jacket. He finished it up with a pair of red and black Etnies. Looking in the mirror, he adjusted his faux hawk to perfection, and inspected his chin stripe. He looked good. He grabbed his keys and headed out the door.



The End

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