The Thing That Happened That Disrupted Their Daily Routine Of Annoying The Reader With Their Strange Habits, But Being Perfectly Happy With Each Other

As Perrie and Lisa walked to the candy store one day, something stopped them.

In a puff of smoke, a turtle appeared suddenly on the sidewalk ahead of them.

"Oh oh oh! It's a man-eating turtle!" Lisa shrieked, jumping into the air with totally characteristic paranoia. Unfortunately, Perrie was too busy snacking on a five-dollar-foot-long sub from Subway to catch Lisa as gravity pulled her back down to earth in a mighty fall of epic proportions. Oh, by the way, the sub tasted like cheesecake in the way that it was textured much like cottage cheese and sponge cake so that it was cheesy yet fulfilling, like cake, and was somehow sweet.

"Ow!" Lisa yelped as her bottom hit the pavement with a loud crack. When she stood up, a crater could be seen with the distinct shape and outline of her bum. "Ahhhh! Get me away from this turtle of guaranteed doom!"

Acting like a blind person who could not see with her eyes, Lisa ran blindly in circles around Perrie. "Somebody save me!" she cried, her eyes closed in fear.

Shrugging his shoulders at Lisa's strange displays of idiocy, Perrie decided to find out if the turtle actually was a harbinger of doom.

"Do you like cheesecake?"

The End

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