Princess Delia - II

Sunday December 4


          Guess what? Well, it's not very exciting news but, I'm going to write it down anyway. I went to the meeting. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about. Starting from the moment I walked down the stairs in my beautiful blue dress and crown.

          "Are you sure they're okay with me coming?" My question is directed towards Julianne aka she designed my wardrobe and did my makeup. Which consisted of eyeliner and blush, but nothing else. My parents are very strict.
          "Yes Delia, you are a princess now." Juli answers. "Now come down the stairs, you don't want to keep the guests waiting."
          "Okay." I slip down the stairs, my black flats clattering on the tile. I meet a figure on the bottom step with blue eyes that match mine and auburn hair. She picks me up and sets me on the ground, then takes my hand. She always treats me like a child, which she probably wishes I still was.
          My mother leans down and whispers in my ear, "You look like a little doll, my sweet Delia." I smile back at her. She pushes open the wooden doors and there they sit. The royals. I count the heads, twenty three in all. Twelve men, ten women (counting my mother), and one boy. He was my age and sat next to his father looking scared. This was his first meeting as well. I take my seat next to my father and she on his other side. After we are settled the highest royal, who sits on the head of the table opens his smile to speak.
          "Here we are sitting at a table, waiting for another meeting to began. While we do that let me introduce our newest council members. Princess Delia and Prince Joseph." He motioned for me to stand up and I rose to my feet. My father pulls on my dress to sit down and I do. My hands chake with excitement, the meeting is finally going to begin!
          "Let the meeting begin." My father says in his deep voice and the members begin to discuss quietly to another. While I, and surely Prince Joseph are sitting in our chair, doing absolutely nothing. 
That's how it continued for two hours, until I had had enough and pushed my chair back and stood up. I walked over to Edward and made a movement of my hand for him to follow as I left the room.

It was quite boring actually and I swear I will never go to another again.


          Princess Delia

The End

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