Delly's Diary

Saturday December 3


          Today is the day of my birthday. The most wondorous day of my life. This is the day I turn twelve and the day I get crowned. Ha! I'm so excited. I'll finally be able to do what I want. I'll be able to get a say in what the King and Queen do or in anything really. Everything will change from here on out. Instead of being the Delly, the little girl who messes everything up, I'll be Delia Grace Wood, the Princess.
          Ever since I was four I thought it was fun to get in trouble. Now there's no time for games. Tommorow I'll be sitting in a room with the highest members of the royals. Usually my mother and father go alone, but now I'll be standing by there side when they enter through the brown wooded doors. They hold the meetings every sunday in one of the royal's castles. This time, it will be held inside our white walls. After I get crowned at three o'clock, I won't have time for silly things.
          When I'm a princess, I want everybody to gap at the sight of the beautiful gown that sits on my body, not take a glance to see who's bothering you but after seeing it's only me they quickly away. I want to have the look, I want to have the smarts of a princess. I want to be a princess and today it will happen.


          Delia Wood 
The soon to be Princess

The End

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