Why was Becca wrong about Susan?

Chapter 2


This day was going so well until…Susan came through our brown mahogany door, her arms were wide oven. She was looking at me.

“Well aren’t you going to hug your new Mummy?” She asked.

I stood so still I looked like a dusty concrete statue. My heart felt like dust too.  Like it got swept up by the cold breeze in the room and went to Susan. It was like she had stolen my heart.  How dare she say she was my new mummy?

I had a mum. She was dead, that’s all. I turned round to dad, who was lingering behind me. He was just smiling at Susan.

“Dad?” I said slowly.

“Its true!” he said, running towards Susan then swinging her around, “Were getting married in July! Ding dong the bells are gonna chine!” My dad started to sing while spinning Susan round. Susan just giggled. I ran upstairs. Dad called after me.


I started getting together my stuff. When I found a letter in an envelope on my bed. I sat on my bed undoing it very slowly. In it there was keys and a letter stating;


Dear Rebecca,

You are will be reading this the day before your birthday. Well, you are wondering why I am writing to you?  Then I shall tell you. Because I am most probably  dead I thought it might be a good idea to write to you instead of writing it on my coffin. Well, you see when I was your age, the day before my 15th birthday, I was told by my dad that I would have to work at his secret agent company. H e said I had it in me to become a very good spy. And he was right. Only me, your dad, my dad and the spy company new I was a spy. And that is why I’m dead. A villain killed me because he found out that I was spying on him. His name is Thoma Dogleario (pronounced Tom-a  Dog-lee-air-o) . That was the villains name no one new his real name. I want you to stop him Rebecca. I’m counting on you Becca. The spy company address is


D.P.S.A  53 Wallopeed Drive




The keys are to unlock doors and the blue key with the picture of you on is to unlock the chest to my most prized possessions. By the way, D.P.S.A stands for Delilah Potts Spy Association . But now it’s Becca Potts Spy Association!


Good Luck Becca, Lots and lots and lots of love,

Your loving Mum! XOXOXOXO




 I froze. I called for Dad. He didn’t answer. I called again, but still no reply. Then I even called for Susan. Nothing. I opened my bedroom door slightly and heard,

“Oi, don’t move! Keep down!” It was a man who had a deep booming voice. I heard shuffling around. Some chairs were knocked down.

I bravely decided to sneak carefully down the stairs. I saw Susan and Dad tided up and gagged. A tall man wearing black with blonde hair was pointing an Uzi at Susan. Taking on my new role as a spy I spoke out solemnly,

“Untie them. Now!”

“And why should I do that little missy.” He said pointing the Uzi at me. I wasn’t scared. Not as a secret agent.

“Put down your Uzi, and untie them.” I said solemnly.

“No!” He shouted. Putting his finger on the trigger. My Dad made a noise. But the man ignored it.

“Go on, pull it. I dare you,” I said smugly. Somehow I knew he wasn’t going to.

“What?” He said.

“Pull it.” I said, as if he was stupid.

He tried the best he could but he started sweating. He started breathing heavily, fist clenched, baring his teeth like a vicious dog. I raised one eyebrow.  The man put his Uzi down on the table. Then ran out the door. That was when my heart started thumping. I bent down and untied dad. He started coughing and coughing. I hugged him tight he hugged me back. I felt drips of water on my back. We sat there for about a minute hugging. I felt so proud but yet frightened. Then I untied Susan she ran straight out the house. Didn’t say thank you.

“Rebecca? What got into you? You sounded so confident!” My Dad asked.

“I got a letter. From mum.  She talked about me having to be a spy.”

“Oh, yes that letter, she gave that to me the day before she died. She said to give it to you the day before your 15th birthday. Come on we need to phone the police.” He answered.

“No Dad! No police please. Just let me work it out for myself ok?”

“Oh darling ok. You did save my life after all. But we really should--”

“No!” I cried. He looked at me gratefully.

   That night I heard Dad on the phone to Susan,

“How dare you not say thank you to Rebecca for saving your – Yes I realize you were under a lot of pressure but you could at least say – No I won’t forget about it Susan. No she doesn’t want any police involved—Yes but it is her decision. She is the one who saved our lives. Look forget about the wedding Susan you ungrateful little cow.” And he slammed the phone down, so hard I thought we were going to have an Earthquake.

I couldn’t help laughing at his last remark. My Dad heard me but somehow didn’t mind me:

  1. Listening to his phone call and
  2. Laughing at his last remark


I walked downstairs I my PJ's and Dad held his arms open.

“I’m so lucky to have you Becca.” He said calmly.

I squeezed up to his chest and closed my eyes, “Yeah, you are.”

The End

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