Food Mixing

"OK. Let's do challenges in that café, so we can avoid more weird glances" Matt suggested. We all went into it and sat down at a table in the corner. Sphie bought us all drinks.

"Right, since Lucy wasn't here last week she has to do one of the challenges" Eric announced.

"What!? You can't do that!" I exclaimed.

"Oh yes we can. Rule book please Sophie"

"Rule number seventeen. Those who miss meetings must do an equal number of challenges to the number of meeting thy missed on the first meeting that they return" Sophie stated professionally.

"And?" Matt prompted.

"No refusal"

"And also..." Izz encouraged.

"What else? Oh yeah. Rule enforced by Lucinda Amy Oxfield on the Seventeenth of August, Two-thousand and Three. Age twelve" then Sophie grinned and showed me the notepad. There was the rule. My handwriting, my scrawly signature that I made up just for this club, and have used ever since. My birthday date. It was official. I cursed Sophie and her off-by-heart knowledge of the rules.

"Oh no" I moaned.

"So let's see who'll be challenging you" Matt emptied the fruit pastels onto the table and everyone took one. "Lucy, do the honours"

"If you chew, you're out. First one to finish without chewing gets to challenge" I sighed. They all popped the sweets into their mouths. Matthew won.

"Lucy. You're doomed" Izz told me.

"It was nice knowing you" Eric put a hand on my shoulder. Matt ordered some plain vanilla ice cream. 

"This is gonna be bad"

"Right, Lucy. You have vanilla ice-cream. There is a selection of toppings. You choose: shocker sauce, toxic waste trickle, sherbet sprinkles and popping candy" he said, putting a small toxic waste pot on the table for each one. "So for each one, so you know what you're about to do.


The End

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