Sunshine. A nice change. It normally rained in England. I smiled as I carried the picnic basket up the hill.

"What are you thinking about?" Eric wondered.

"Hmm? Oh, the sun"

"Daydreaming? You're always up in the clouds you know, Lucy" he tugged Delilah along as we walked "Come on, not far now" he told her.

"Come on you three! Before Christmas would be nice" Eric's mum, Louise, stood at the top of the hill. Shading her eyes against the sun.I laughed and ran the last few metres. I dumped the basket on the chequered picnic blanket and sat down. Dad started to get the food out and spread it across the blanket.

"Lucy, get the plates out" Mum told me. I looked in the basket, there were no plates.

"They're not here. We must have forgotten them"

"We didn't. Delilah's got them, Mrs Oxfield" Eric said as they reached us. Delilah handed the plates to Mum and sat next to me.

"Thank you Delilah. Eric, please call me Joan" Mum said.

"Give Lil something to eat" Louise said, using the for Eric's six-year-old sister.

"No! I want Lucy to do it!" Delilah frowned. I put a sandwich and a packet of crisps on a paper plate and poured her some lemonade. Then I handed it to her. She grinned.

"Thank you"

I put some food on a plate for myself. I spilt the lemonade as I poured some for everyone else and it went all over my skirt.

"I told you, Friday the thirteenth. Bad luck day" Dad raised his eyebrow.

"Yeah? Well I don't see any of you lot covered in lemonade!"

"Yeah, but we're not you" Eric grinned.

"Oh, ha ha. Very funny" I shoved him away playfully. His drink went all over his shirt.

"Lucy!" Mum, Dad and Louise exclaimed at the same time. Delilah started laughing her head off.

"Sorry" I said to Eric.

"Nah. Leave her alone. I deserved it" he grinned "And you can stop laughing Delilah, or you'll have lemonade all over your pretty brown pigtails" Delilah pressed her lips together, her eyes shining.

"Right! No come on everyone. Eat up or we'll all be freezing when the sun goes" Dad smiled.


"You know what would be terrible?" Eric asked as we sunbathed.

"No, what?"

"If it suddenly started raining" he said as the sun went behind a cloud.

"Hmm" and then the heavens opened, instantly soaking us all.

"Quick! Everyone help put everything away!" Louise yelled.

"Lucy, help me fold up the blanket!" Eric jumped up and and grabbed one end of the blanket. I grabbed the other end and grinned.

"Delilah, run down to that bin and put the plates in it" Mum gave the plates to Lil and she ran to the bin at the bottom of the hill. I dumped the blanket in the basket and Louise picket it up. We all ran as fast as we could, me and Eric laughing, to the point where we had to split up.  We all hugged.

"We should do this again, Michael" Louise said to my dad. 

"Definitely" Dad agreed. Then we all ran home.

The End

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