Outcast to Master

      Once upon a time in the not to distant past I was considered the "outcast of the outcasts", and that was the title given to me because I only had one real friend who would accept me for who I was. His name was Dj, but he is not the same person he was back in the day, people change as time progresses. 

      Anywho, I was the outcast and no-one wanted to have anything to do with me, I tried various ways to be more attractive and "cooler" yet failed miserably. I tried to let my hair grow out like the "cool boys" at the school and I even tried to highlight it with blonde because that was the thing those days. But anytime I managed to catch up to the ever changing culture, it would change again. I was shunned, I was alone.

      But as time moved on females began to realize I was not like the 'cool boys' and I wouldn't feed them lies just to sleep with them, I wouldn't even think about dating at the time, all I wanted was friends, not relationships that involved one on one action. So then my self esteem began to grow as more and more girls tucked me under their wings, then there men started to realize I was not a pathetic loser that knew nothing.

      So here I am today after multiple failures along with rises in life that have made me who i am now. I may still be an outcast but I am now the Master of outcasts, many of my fellow people look up to me even though I am not the brightest person alive in this world. I don't know if this has anything to pertain to what was previously stated, but either way it is something I felt like saying.

      Life is not gonna repeat itself so why waste time drowning in self loathing when you could simply accept who you truly are and make yourself a "Master" of that way.

~Silence Dawns

The End

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