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Deja Vu is a story of a cop who goes back after a criminal from his past in order to receive closure for a death that this criminal did years before hand.

Darkness: the total absence of light.

Heavy breathing transpired into the air as gasps of warm breath fogged the air as it was exhaled. Branches and small twigs snapped under the pressure of weary legs. The moon slipped through the autumnal branches scarring the earth with moon light, and showering rain hit the lifeless, brown colored leaves on the ground. In the woods, roots of arid trees wove up and down through the waterlogged ground like thick, spindly legs of deadly spiders preparing to strike. In every direction darkness seemed to envelope every living thing ripping the light from all that was good.

Memory: something remembered from the past; a recollection.

Two figures paused behind a towering oak whose trunk hid both of them from whatever was beyond. The man stood tall, his posture holding a military presence. His face was bruised with a stream of velvet blood running down the side of his face, starting at his left temple and dripping off his chin. The black coat he wore was saturated with the icy rain that fell from the darkened sky; his pants, covered, sprinkled with mud. The man spied from behind the tree just slightly in order to see into the darkness that enshrouded everything. The handgun in his hand began to tremble. The woman, her breathing heavy from running from the unseen threat, took the man by the arm and stopped it from shaking any more.

“If we get past the bridge, we have a chance. We can recover and come back, but we can’t stay here,” she said with a fearful undertone in her voice and a hint of aspiration.

Dream: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

The woman lightly tugged on the man’s arm, hinting to him that the time to go was now. Her eyes carried a gleam of ambition that the following events would transpire in their favor, as her face showed the power and strength of the character she possessed.  The small scratches across her cheeks caused by the whiplash from branches accented her brown hair, a deep coffee-colored brown. Her jeans were tight against her body, and her red leather jacket were muddied. It was evident that she had fell while running as her clothing, soaked with dirt and icy water, was not vibrant but greasy, cloudy, filthy.  Her wet hair outlined her thin, round face. She tugged once again on the man’s arm as he peeked around the tree.

In the darkness, the sound of a twig snapping in half rung through the woods, and made time stand still. The man grabbed the woman and pulled her close to him. He then slammed against the tree holding the woman tight in one hand and trembling with his handgun in the other.

The man and woman stood in complete silence and stillness as time seemed to stop. Suddenly, the sound of barking and growling came from the distance. The dogs sounded bloodthirsty, lustful for the hunt, lustful for dinner.

“Run,” whispered the man as he let go of the woman and began to take off into the woods. the woman followed close behind.

Survival: the state or fact of continuing to exist, typically in spite of accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

The night, enshrouded in a Stygian blackness, turned against the two. The branches tripped both, the sharp, needle-like rain pierced their faces and hands, the fallen leaves on the ground provided a slippery, unstable ground to run on.  Branches continued to whip their faces. The sound of hungry dogs crept up, becoming louder and louder every stride that they took. A hellish growl finally inched behind the woman. The dog lunged biting into the woman calf, drawing blood and staining her jeans a dark purple. As the dog began to shake its head, the woman let out a scream. She began to thrash around in the mud trying to kick the dog off, trying to get it to let go. “Neal! Neal! Neal!” she screamed. The man rushed over and kicked the dog off and away from the woman. He raised his arm and fired a shot into the dog. Tumbling backwards the dog whined, but rolled back to its feet and limped back toward the man growling. The man again adjusted his aim and shot the dog, killing it.

The man rushed over to the woman and grabbed her. He slung her arm around his neck and swiftly picked her up. She leaned most of her weight onto his body and they continued to make their way through the blackness. The man jogged as fast as he could with the woman limping on his side. Even letting out whimpers of pain, the woman encouraged the man to go faster through gritting teeth as pain mushroomed inside her leg.

Calamity: an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster.

The man and woman emerged from the woods. The man hurdled over the broad ditch over-filled and roaring with water. He landed on his knees and groaned over the impact. He felt  his warm blood covering his knees and soaking into his pants, meshing together his pants and his wound.

“We made it,” he stated, exasperated and full of adrenaline. Each smiled with relief as they saw the bridge approaching closer and closer as they continued down the road. The woman could no longer limp and now began to hop along side the man. Instantaneously, a shot echoed forth from the woods behind them. The woman slouched forward and fell to the ground, falling from the man’s grasp. She curled up on the ground and began to hold her right shoulder. As she let out a blood curdling scream, the man turned and began to fire to where the shot had come from.

“Get across the bridge to the car!” scream the man in a serious, but frightened tone. The woman propped herself up onto an arm and stumbled up. She began to rush toward the bridge only to stumble, trip, and whimper in pain. Clutching her shoulder, she struggled to the bridge and propped her body against the railing. As the man continued to fire shots into the darkness, unsure of where his assailant was, the woman yelled out to him.

“Run! I’ll cover you!” With her remaining strength she could muster up from within her bleeding and beaten body she took her handgun from her holster and began to fire shots in the same direction the man had. Running towards the woman, the man let a few more shots ring out and began sprinting to bridge where the woman had propped herself up. He saw the determination and focus that was riddled across the woman's face. The way her face angled down the gun aiming into nothingness showed a courageous, experience fighter. He could tell she was not going to stop until he was safe.

Nightmare: a terrifying or very unpleasant experience or prospect.

“Go, Anna! Go, Go!” The man yelled to the woman. The woman made eye contact with the man and nodded.  She began to slowly put weight on her bad leg, when the man was within one hundred meters of her current position. The woman then turned; however, as she shifted her weight, a cloaked figure began to charge after the man, raising his gun and firing at both the man and the woman. the man began to run faster than he had ever gone before. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, giving him a newfound energy. he tried to reach the woman in order to help her to safety, but only meters away, he watched in horror as he watched her body wretch itself side to side while the cloaked figure shot her twice.  Her lead filled body stumbled backwards onto the rope railing surrounding the bridge. The rope could not bear her weight anymore and snapped. The man tried to reach for the woman but was only inches from grabbing her hand.

Agony: extreme physical or mental suffering.

He watched as the woman fell off the bridge. HIs eyes met her eyes. He watched those vibrant, cobalt eyes fill with fear as they faded to a sad, despondent grey and roll back into her head. He stood there screaming as he watched her mud-ridden blonde hair cover her face. He became breathless, taken aback, as he watched her lifeless body slam into the rocks below the bridge. He began to cry as her body began to become encompassed in an aura of dark red blood.

His eyes filled with despair and he began to cry. Overwhelmed with emotion. He grabbed his gun and stood up. He saw the cloaked figure standing at the end of the bridge with his gun drawn, aimed straight at the man.

“I love you, Anna,” the man whispered to himself, glancing down at the horrendous picture at the bottom of the chasm.

Revenge: the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

His teeth grinding together, his hands gripping the gun with a steel grip, his body filling with vengeance, he looked at the cloaked figure.

“Tell Will, he can fuck himself.” The man said to the cloaked figure. He raised the gun and fired at the cloaked figure. Gun Raised he began to walk towards the cloaked figure, firing until his round was finished. Without noticing he had no more bullets, he kept firing his weapon. reaching the cloaked figure he ripped of the hood.

Atonement: reparation for a wrong or injury.

“I hope you burn in hell,” the man said to the cloaked figure as he punch the gasping figure. The now un-cloaked figure fell to the ground, with blood coming from his torso and pooling from his mouth. The other man began to kick his lifeless body. Until he saw, the flashing blue and red lights he knew, dearly. He threw his gun away from himself and sunk to his knees. Taking a deep breath, he sat up straight and slowly got to his feet. He turned and began to walk to the police car. Only steps from the car door, a strong shot echoed through the woods, almost like that of a shotgun. the man experience a strong burning sensation in the back of his head. He collapsed to the ground with a thud, as he saw people rush towards him in slow motion as he faded in and out of consciousness.

“Neal, stay with me. Get me a medic!”

The man felt the soothing warmness of his blood pooling around him as one of his fellow officers crouched next to him. He simply did not have the energy to stay awake, so he allowed his eyelids, heavy with exhaustion and tears, to simply close. Now he was in a world of shadows, a world of everlasting darkness.

“Anna, Anna.” He thought as his world was engulfed in darkness.  

Nothingness: the absence or cessation of life or existence.

The End

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