Wind rushes through the fluttering feathers, eyes locked on the scurrying prey, and talons outstretched, ready to grasp.  The brilliant predator swoops down and scoops up the field mouse in its sharp, curved beak.

"Casey?" a familiar voice from the shadows calls.

My eyes refocus on Mrs. Adams's blouse disrupting my field of vision.  "Your answer to the question?" she prods.

"I'm sorry, what was the question?" I shortly reply.

My classmates erupt with laughter around me as Mrs. Adams rolls her eyes and turns her focus to her star pupil, Lydia Ross, who quickly ejects, "Rubber is the polymerization of the monomer isoprene."

The sound of laughter fades into the background, my vision corrects itself to be unfocused, and my mind returns returns home.  I smile at the beautiful image when the eagle reappears.

My name is Casey Brown, and I am a self diagnosed dreamer

The End

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