Define Existence

There are two kinds of people, those who live forever, and those who live by the ticking of the clock tower.

There is a glass barrier between us. My world, and their world. We gaze momentarily at them, to see our obvious differences, and forget once again that the other exists. Our world is a normal world. But I suppose that their world is normal to them in the same way that ours is to us.

Our lifetime is an infinite one. Our lifetime has no limit. In my world, time does not exist. In their world, time is all, time is life, and time is death. Time is scrawled across their arms and broadcast down to the millisecond. Every second ticks away, and if someone from my world would happen press their ear against the impenetrable glass, they would hear the faint clicking of the analog tower in the center of their world.

But no one does. We have all heard the drone, listened to it for hours upon end as if it were the most fascinating media we’d ever heard. Maybe a million years ago, I myself put my ear to the barrier and listened. Nothing about the sound was normal. It was so regular, so expected. Did they not know the meaning of silence?

My world goes by many names. The official one is Altid, which is from an old language, Danish. It translates into the word ‘forever’. Their world’s name buzzes from lip to lip throughout Altid, sometimes referred to as Slutet, or Diwedd. We do not know their actual name, just ones we have made for them.

We call their world ‘The End”, simply because it always does. Every tick of their clock seems to represent another person’s untimely passing. They leave Slutet and disappear. No one leaves Altid. No one needs to. Our timeless natures have molded us into indifferent beings, developing our minds further than any person we’ve seen in Slutet.

Slutet cannot see us. They merely rush through their lives, looking frazzled and frenzied at any given moment.

I am Idle. I know everything and nothing. I know the deepest secrets of the worlds, yet nothing at all about them. My existence is eternal, something I have long accepted. Our kind have always been here, and will never cease to exist. Therefore, we shall never truly exist, because how is existence defined? It is deemed as ‘real’. Are we real to the other people of Slutet? They don’t know we are here.

They exist. They are aware as well as us that they exist. But to us, we are nothingness. We represent an eternal force, like lightness and darkness. But do those exist? They are not tangible, they do not change. They only affect sight. Or are the two things sight themselves?

As long as we have ‘been’, we have pondered these questions. No answers have arisen. Whatever the answers may be, they do not matter. For we have been, and we shall always be. So solutions will not affect us.

In this moment, I turn towards the glass. I give a passive smile at the thought of Slutet. Its history is a secret to us, though we have always seen their world. We do not know what is happening, why they are reacting.

At this moment, they are fighting. Why is there a war? For what reasons should these people fight? Their lives shall end, and nothing will be remembered correctly. They kill…I shudder. Killing is impossible here. But yes, I’ve seen them kill billions of times over, with fire, and knives, then bullets, then bombs, and over again.

There is a passion in their eyes, joining collectively to create one massive force, one massive thought. They want whatever the other group has. No matter what it is. A world becomes one through war. Though they don’t know it, they are all the same mind. They fall back, run forward, dance side-to-side in one perpetual, yet always ending motion. If they knew, I wondered if their world might change.

But with endings, there must be a constant change, and yet, constant similarity. This perpetuation needs a backing influence, for they would not live if they did not strive for it. Emotion is the driving force to live. Thus, the driving force to die is nothingness. This, of course, is only in their world.

Altid is nothingness. For eternity is a long time to have something. If I ever am something, I will need to have an ending to myself.

Our world is nothingness. Slutet with exist forever, and die forever. But at least they exist. I will ‘be’ in my world for eternity, without emotion, without a reality, in this same spot, doing everything and nothing. Forever.

The End

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