Chapter XIII: The Era of Grief


Plutoon’s eyes were wide with disbelief as he rose from the sand and crossed the silent arena. He kneeled at the motionless heap of cloth that was his master and stroked his long grey hair. When sound re-found itself, he heard Zyphell laughing and the archers cheering, this angered him. He rose from the mound and drew a small hunting knife. Summoning all his power, he threw the knife and watched as it spun past Zyphell and curved through the archer formation, killing them all. Zyphell looked round at him.

“Good skill” he commented “I could use someone like you on my side” Plutoon straightened up “No. I would not have you serve me” To Plutoon’s shock, he dropped to his knees “But I would stand down from my post as Commander to serve someone of your talents. You would have fame, wealth, everything. Even your wife back” Plutoon looked confused “Don’t be a fool Zanton! You know as well as I that she is dead! She burned in the night, while you travelled to your master’s aid she was attacked at home and the house was burned to the ground!”

“It’s not true!” Plutoon charged Zyphell with nothing but his fists to help him. Anton grabbed his chest and threw him to the ground. When Zyphell looked, Plutoon was in tears “She can’t be gone! No! I…I can’t feel her presence” Zyphell walked past him, his cape flowed over his head as he passed.

“You could come with me” Zyphell looked around at the mourning soldier “There is nothing you can do here. My men sabotaged the Kong Generator, all its power is funnelled to me! But I can change it, so it is passed to both of us. Together, we could rule this pathetic cluster of planets, you as the second Dark Lord of the Galaxy and me as your most trusted bodyguard. I have learnt the hard way that I am not destined to rule, only to serve the most powerful force, what do you say? Could you be that force?” Plutoon stood, his face red with rage “You have a chance to make a deal with the one and only Anton Zyphell” Plutoon walked closer, the planet shook as Dominator approached the atmosphere, but Plutoon’s face was blank “Don’t be a fool” The fist swung and Zyphell fell backwards and onto the sand.

“You worthless,” Plutoon kicked Zyphell on the ground “pathetic little swine!” Zyphell flicked his foot and Plutoon tripped, Anton rose and his cape blew in the wind “I would not join you for the goldmines of Saturn! You are as disgusting to me as the Martian Nuclear waste dumps!” Zyphell kicked Plutoon in the chin and walked away

“You dare to refuse me? You’ve got guts, I’ll give you that much!” Zyphell turned back to him and placed his hand on his escape button “Though I will not kill you, your fate is sealed! Farewell, worthy opponent” In a flash of green light, Zyphell was gone and the dust around where he once stood funnelled into a small whirlwind as he went.


Plutoon ran to his master’s side and desperately tried to wake him. But the wounds were definite, the arrows had pierced his skin and into his body. Tears trickled from Plutoon’s face as he clutched his master’s hand and held it close to him. His life was ruined, his wife was dead, his child was dead before it was even born and most traumatic of all, the one person who had watched over him all through his life almost as much as his father, was also dead. He had no one left, nothing to restore happiness to his life. Maybe his fate was a good one, maybe to die in a collision with Dominator would be better than to survive for nothing. He could join his master, his father, his wife and his child and they could all be united once again. Words slowly emerged in his head, he heard a voice, a voice he knew. The voice of Master Tiange.

“Plutoon, can you hear me?” his voice was in Plutoon’s head. The calm voice of Master Tiange soothed him and he replied softly “I haven’t got long so listen closely, you and Fang need to get out of there. I can use my powers to get you as far as the docking bays of Dominator but no further” Plutoon struggled to tell Tiange the fateful news of Fang’s death, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell him “From there, proceed to the escape pod area. I have sealed the room so that only you can access it, so you will have no problem with staff attempting to escape” Finally, Plutoon got it out.

“Master Fang is dead sir” he said suddenly, Tiange was silent “Zyphell challenged him and when he lost, he ambushed Fang and had him shot to death. I couldn’t do anything!”

“It can’t be, no it can’t be” Plutoon was crying again, Tiange was silent but he too was weeping quietly. But he quickly recovered and cleared his throat “Then the most you can do for him is bring his body back to his friends, prepare for transportation” Plutoon hugged his motionless master and felt a strange tingle in his body as a white light fell over him. He closed his eyes, and tears shivered from his face.


When the light faded and Plutoon opened his eyes, his surroundings were horrific. A dark red tunnel with smoking pipes all around was before him, steam rose from the grated floor and his body was cold. He turned, hoping that the other direction was more appealing, it wasn’t. As if he stood on a mirror line, the opposite end was identically vicious and heartless. Indeed this was a ship to suit Anton Zyphell. He checked his master, and felt a wave of joy as his master’s face moved.

“Master?” Fang let one eye slide open “You’re alive?”

“No, I have only a few moments, but the Heavens commanded me to return to aid your escape” he flinched as a sharp piercing of pain shot up his body “Follow the long path to the…hanger” Plutoon nodded and hauled his master from the floor as he ran down the cold corridor. He arrived at the large metal doors and placed his hand on the sensor. The rigid doors slid open and he swiftly ran in, and halted. The look of shock and despair shone in his eyes, and Fang looked up and let out a sigh. Before them, only one escape pod sat in the room. Small and round, it held only room for one passenger. Plutoon looked at the floor, Fang read his mind “Plutoon no, leave me here”

“You have Master Tiange and a galaxy of people who worship your skills” Plutoon sighed, “I have no-one and no power” Fang grabbed his pupil’s shoulder with all the strength he could muster

“There is an entire planet who depends on you, you have a wife and child!” Plutoon cut him off

“They’re dead, master” Fang’s face dropped “They perished in a fire, so you see I have no family left. If I let you die, I have no-one left at all” Fang shook his head “Too late, I have made my choice”

“You can’t save me Plutoon, I’m dead, this is just my voice in a lifeless body” Plutoon wasn’t listening; he put his hand on his chest and pulled as hard as he could. A small golden diamond was drawn from his body and he blew it into Fang, before slumping to the ground. Fang felt life, while Plutoon’s was drained. “You shouldn’t have done that, the old should pass on while the young continue on” Plutoon struggled to look his master in the eyes

“I do not deserve to live” he revealed, “I killed them. The Galaxians, I killed them” Fang’s face went blank “I didn’t know I was doing it, it was some sort of trance. But I killed them, I killed the first with my mind but the second I carried it out myself and for some reason…” he smiled “I loved every minute of it. I planted the suicide timers on the transport and wiped them out, extinct. And then, just now, I killed the Prime Minister for what he did to Anton Zyphell” he laughed quietly “I acted in vengeance for my enemy. So you see, I do not deserve life, now go!” He summoned all his strength and pushed Fang into the escape pod, quickly he sealed the door.

“Plutoon, you open this door this instant!” Fang commanded. But the noise came as the pod was launched and hurtled into space. He looked through the observation window back to Dominator and saw as the destruction of the ship spread. In the now burning hanger, Plutoon clutched his side as he looked out into space. His face a mixture of sweat and blood, he smiled as he watched Fang’s pod shoot through space and away to safety.

“Goodbye master” the room shook one final time “And thank you” Fang looked back with tears in his eyes as Dominator collided with Mercury and was consumed by flames. Shockwaves erupted from the blast and spread across space at phenomenal speed, but a second wave joined it that could not be seen. Only felt, and felt it was. Fang sat back and covered his face as he wept heavily; constantly denying what had just happened and commanding the Heavens to bring him back.


On Earth, Tiange’s back struck the head of the bed as he shed tears as well. The night was filled with the stench of grief and the birds sang their lament, as the galaxy lay silent. One of Tiange’s officers approached his bedside and bowed.

“We have just visited the Plutoon household sir” he reported “It was in flames” Tiange looked around with a magnified grief-struck look in his eyes “We found Lady Isabelle’s body” Tiange put his head in his hands

“So, three young lives have been lost in the defeat of one ship and Anton Zyphell has eluded us again” tears ran from his cheeks, his general stepped forward

“Well, not exactly sir” Tiange looked around, a flicker of hope shone in his eyes as the news came to him. News that changed the evening for the better, for this news gave a second chance to the galaxy. A second chance for peace.


In a fiery chamber, a monstrous metallic structure hung, held together by scaffolding and wires. Energy ran into it from the core of the tunnel, sparks rose as it slowly heaved itself from its bindings and began to power up. The monstrous ship turned and moved towards the edge of the cavern and smashed its way through the walls. The planet Neptune collapsed into millions of fragments as it was torn apart by the metallic monster. The galaxy held its breath as the DLSC Shadowcaster was born. On the bridge, the dominant figure of Anton Zyphell stood and gazed in awe at his achievement.

“Well done Anton,” he said to himself “That’s what father would say right now…no. He never appreciated my talents, but we’ve shown him now, haven’t we Anton? We have cast aside the dream for Zyphell Royalty and now we focus on our own ambitions. But we must obey our new master, mustn’t we?” his face changed “Do we? We can kill him now, he isn’t finished yet” as he said this, his top general approached

“General Zyphell” Zyphell cringed. He would have to put up with not being called commander “The master is ready” He followed the general into a black room, where a tall cloaked figure stood. A silver skull covered the top half of his face, and more silver armour hung from the cloak. At first, the figure seemed lifeless, but it raised its head and tried to focus its vision “His vision is impaired slightly due to the robots not having much to base the design on”

“Who is he?” Zyphell demanded

“We don’t know” the general replied “He commanded that half his face be covered to protect his identity until the time came” The figure groaned and all attention fell on him.

“And…the…time will come” he said finally. He stepped forward and all in the room bowed “The time will soon come, when all in the galaxy shall bow before me! Me and me alone! And until that time comes, we shall tear every fool that dares stand in our way to shreds!” He raised a clenched and armoured fist “Hear this, oh powerful Heavens, I declare myself the position of Second Dark Lord!” His voice rang in the stars, a long smirk emerged over Zyphell’s face and the rest of the room cheered. “Zyphell! Begin moving our forces, all other generals prepare for orders! I swear this galaxy will be mine!”

The legacy long lost in time, begins to unveil itself with the passing of these events. An era has ended; the legacy of the Defictory has come to light.




To Be Continued in...

Defictory Episode II: The Siege of Plutan

The End

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