Chapter XI: Deeper into the Dark

Master Tiange’s forces surrounded the large stone fortress of Anton Zyphell and large siege weapons rolled into strict positions. In the centre, Tiange stood, calmly delivering orders to his men. They ran back and forth, pulling ropes to heave large wooden attack towers into place, locking siege weapons into attack position. On the walls of the fortress, a dark figure stood, caressing a long blade in its hand. In the dark, a smirk crept across the face and he turned away, ribbons blowing from his cloak in the wind.

“Unt so, my brother has come at last” the figure smirked “Every battle I have fought has yielded victory, unt all because I was able to allow my graceful presence. Zhis battle vill be a beautiful display of might. Zhe battle does not matter, for I already know zhe result!” the figure walked from the wall, Master Tiange glared up at where it was and looked at the ground.

“This battle breaches everything that I have formed laws to stand by” he sighed “But I must fight to prevent further chaos. All troops!” the army turned to face him “Advance!” They roared and charged on the castle, without warning archers took up positions on the wall and nailed the front lines into the ground. Tiange fired a long beam of energy from the palm of his hand and into the side of the wall. It shook and scorched bodies dropped from the wall, the army cheered its approval and launched large siege ladders onto the walls. Monstrous siege towers, with archers on the top floor, rolled into range of the castle and a rain of arrows fell on the castle. “Ready the Scorpions and Siege Rams!”

“Yes my lord” large wooden structures, cloaked in cloth and on wooden wheels, rolled towards the large gates. Giant crossbows also rolled along beside it, firing long wooden bolts at the fortress wall. The cloaked weapon revealed a large metal-capped ram, which struck hard on the gate, while the siege towers continued to fire. On the roof, Tiange’s troops climbed from the ladders and were met by the fine sword of a cloaked warrior. As the mangled corpses fell from the wall, Tiange looked up and cursed.

“Brother!” he sighed.


Mounting his noble steed, Tiange rode calmly towards the besieged gate as it crumbled to the floor. The ram and Scorpions rolled into the gate area and a small round object fell from above. “Get down!” The ball detonated and consumed the wooden weapons in an inferno of flames. The smoking carcass lay in the shady area and Tiange walked in slowly. A figure dropped from the scaffolding and drew up to full height. “So, brother. Is this your idea of peace?” The figure flipped out a long sword and pulled the back.

“Let us not forget, oh ‘wise one’, zhat it vas you zhat attacked me” he sneered, twirling blade around his fingers. “Now I shall destroy you utterly!”

“Xharn!” Tiange protested to his brother

“No! Xharn Tiange is dead! I am Yin Tiange!” he cried out “Now, zhe ultimate Yin shall vanquish zhe ultimate Yang, in a battle of light and dark! Prepare yourself!” he drew his blade back and somersaulted towards his brother. Tiange, without a second thought, fired a beam of light into his evil brother and sent him hurtling through the air in flames. Black smoke erupted around Yin and the flames were quenched, he once more leapt at his foe. A long blade of light formed in Tiange’s hand and he swept gracefully towards Yin. The blades crossed and Yin leapt around his foe, expecting to catch him off guard, only to find he faced another of his brothers. “Vhat’s zhis?” Within seconds, thirteen copies of Master Tiange, each bearing swords made of light, surrounded him.

 “How do you plan to fight me…” they all said in chorus “…if you do not know which one is me?” All at once, they drew their hands forward and fired beams at the foe. Yin leapt into the air and the copies floated up after him, conducting in battle whilst flying. Yin then continued to twirl his blade into the copies, evaporating them, but each time he cut one down, another two emerged from Tiange. The original Tiange began firing huge lightning bolts into his foe, who merely dodged or deflected them. Then, Tiange rose into the air and raised his blade, the blade grew as he swung and clashed with his brother’s.

“You’ve betrayed me Tiange!” screamed Yin “You’ve betrayed zhe glorious name of our family!” Yin growled at Tiange as their blades locked, while his foe’s eyes merely remained calm.

“Like you said ‘Yin’, I have no brother!” he burst from the lock and disappeared. In a cloud of steam, he reappeared behind Yin, knocking him higher into the air. Tiange flew up after him, before smashing him down with a ball of light. Yin tumbled to the stone courtyard below and a large shockwave emitted as his body struck the ground. Tiange slowly descended into the courtyard and looked down on his brother’s broken body.

“Zhe beauty of my name, has been destroyed by family!” he coughed heavily and stroked his hair “You have realised our father’s dreams, you have absolute control now. You can seize any piece of land zhat tickles you fancy, but you don’t. You have proven to be a worthy adversary” he reached into his belt pack and his eyes flared “Unt I am looking forward to zhe rematch my glorious brother!” There was a flash and when it had faded, Yin Tiange was gone.

“We shall meet again…my brother” Tiange sighed as he looked up to the starry sky. One of his high generals approached and bowed.

“We have occupied Anton Zyphell’s castle and are preparing the siege rams to breach the final gate. We will be inside within two minutes my lord” Tiange smiled and mounted his horse

“Move all forces to the second main gate” he commanded “Ready the strike force and inform them to prepare for my arrival” he rode off into the distance and the general returned to his work.


Lightning clouds began to form over the fallen castle, prisoner generals were escorted to the main camp for interrogation and Master Tiange rode towards the gates. He charged through the main gate and towards the citadel gate. The ram was still pounding the gate with, seemingly, no effect. Tiange jumped from his horse and peered at the gate.

“Its bewitched, stand back!” the troops backed away and Tiange raised both hands. “I hereby call upon the power of wind and fire, break the curse of this door and blow it away!” A fiery tornado erupted from his hands and struck the door, it heaved and creaked. Before finally snapping in two and crumbling on top of the soldiers guarding it “Secure the room!” troops flooded into the room and killed the remaining guards, their bodies slumped to the floor and Tiange walked in slowly. “There!” he pointed to an area that was surrounded by a silk curtain. “Prepare yourselves for anything, I sense Anton Zyphell behind that curtain” The troops slowly approached the curtained ring and readied their weapons. The general swiftly slashed his sword through the drapes and they dropped to the floor, the room sank into silence. “It can’t be!”

What stood before them now, was not the distinctive armour and weapon of Anton Zyphell. No, to their combined surprise and rage, there stood only a large rock. And on the side of this rock, was a glowing thread and the words ‘Got You!’ written in blood. Tiange approached the stone and examined the thread closely, before ripping it from the stone and throwing it to the floor.

“This cannot be! He’s out-smarted me!” Tiange cursed, “This is a piece of his spirit! So I would sense him inside the fortress and leave other parts of the galaxy unsafe and liable to his attack!” He looked up to the sky “Heavens, why have you betrayed me so?” He looked down at his feet and sighed “He could be anywhere now” Fang suddenly entered and judged Tiange’s face.

“He wasn’t here?” he sighed too “We obtained victory at the mountain, Aark was slain during the battle. He used a two-way ambush strategy, we lost many men but their camp was destroyed” Tiange showed no response, General Ynot entered and the stench of defeat swept over him also.

“My lords, I have some information regarding the whereabouts of Anton Zyphell” the two looked round at him “But this knowledge comes at a great cost” he showed them into his tent and switched on his computer. “This is a Neptunian news report that was filed just two hours ago” the screen started up and the reported stood on a scene, which looked like the gates of hell.

“We’re coming to you live from Neptune where our glorious city has been consumed in the fiery rage of hell” the pictures were horrific, Tiange had to look away many times, Fang shed a tear. Houses were burning, children were screaming and all over Neptune, volcanoes were forcing their way up and letting out a hellish roar. The air was thick with ash and walls melted, farms burned and the many towers of the main castle tumbled on top of the city it stood over. “What you’re seeing here is the effect of some unknown weapon, the beam is tearing into the crust of this planet and causing volcanic reactions. This is ripping our glorious city apart, oh my god!” The castle roared as a large volcano thrust its way up through the middle of it. Lava burst from the crater at the head of the mountain and rocks showered from the skies. Within seconds, a large volcanic bomb erupted from the volcano and landed on top of the reporter and the camera fuzzed. The room was silent, Fang silently wept and even Master Tiange shed a tear.

“This…cannot be,” he said through his clogged breath “The weapon was Zyphell’s?” Ynot nodded

Dominator was reportedly seen leaving the planet about an hour after the initial attack” Ynot wiped his brow and stood to leave “I am sorry” he walked from the tent and Tiange fell into a chair, he put his head in his hands and began to weep heavier.

“It can’t be, it just can’t be,” he repeated this to himself over and over. Suddenly, his clenched fist struck the chair arm, Fang turned around shocked at this outburst. Tiange shot up like an arrow from a bow and strode from the tent with aggressiveness in his step. Concerned with this attitude, Fang followed. Tiange summoned his generals to the briefing tent. “Generals! Prepare your troops for immediate departure! We are going to engage Anton Zyphell’s naval forces, intercepting his fleet over Saturn. And most importantly we shall destroy him once and for all!”

“My lord, no!” Fang suddenly blurted out “You are distressed! This attack you are declaring is immoral, what would you gain from attacking Zyphell? You would sink to his level!” Tiange thumped the table.

“None of this ‘strategic planning’ matters to me any more!” he roared, “Anton Zyphell has broken the laws of war! I must do it!” Fang quickly ran up to his master as he dropped to the floor in fits of tears.

“It is not just the tragedy that has you in this state my lord” Fang looked deep into his master’s watery eyes and saw what was hurting him so “No”

“Yes, my darling wife was on Neptune” Tiange put his head in his hands “I told her to go, how could I not have foreseen this? My powers are withered. The heavens have grown tired of me” with that, his eyes closed and he slumped back.

“Master!” Fang placed his hand over his master’s head and closed his eyes “I can’t bring him back! He’s gone!” Ynot ran up to Fang’s side and felt Tiange’s neck

“Kong energy is not everything Fang” he smiled “He’s alive, just in a coma. He has to be taken to the nearest hospital” he tapped a screen “There are many on Earth, come on let’s go”


Plutoon looked into the starry night sky and felt the handle of his father’s sword. It was quiet, nothing like the turmoil on the moon or Neptune. But he knew in his bones that something was not at rest in his glorious paradise. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder and looked around to see Isabelle smiling back at him.

“What is it?” she asked softly, Plutoon frowned slightly before looking back towards a giant lake.

“Something is not right here” he replied “I know that Zyphell is suffering defeat by my masters’ blades, but I can still feel him. Those mad eyes follow me everywhere I go, his spear hurts me in the night like the bite of a snake that will never fade. I know he is dying, I can feel death all around, but why won’t his spirit leave me be?” he drew his sword and pointed it to the sky “But I shall slay all those who thrive in the perils of others!” Isabelle nodded

“And you might have a little something else to keep you going” Plutoon looked around at her and sheathed his sword. “Plutoon, you’re going to be a father” She smiled and Plutoon dropped to his knees in fits of laughter. Then he leapt up higher than he had ever done before, his face beaming with joy.

“Oh this is fantastic!” he shouted with pride “The glory of our family shall rise, as one, and stand above all others! My love, nothing can stop us now!” he pointed his sword to the stars and cried out “I, Zanton Plutoon, challenge all those who would extend this time of peril!”


Tiange lay in hospital, still unconscious, whilst the giant Galaxian fleet moved into position. Though Fang did not approve of his master’s request, this request may have been his last, and the order of Kong proclaims that a warrior’s last request be carried out, regardless of the survivor’s feelings. Fighters swarmed around the capital ship as Fang watched from Tiange’s seat on the bridge. The fleet hung in space, truly a symbol of the times. Massive military forces, ripping flesh from each other’s body over a small group of planets. Fang looked out over the stars and sighed heavily. Why this group of planets? There were so many out there, why should these be so important? He stood and rested his tired body on his staff.

“Master Tiange and my darling mother” he looked up towards heaven and held out his arm. “I’m so weary of all this war and fighting” General Ynot approached and bowed

“Preparations are complete as ordered my lord” he said politely “The fire ship is armed and ready” he pointed out of the west window and Fang followed his finger. On the side of the ship, there floated a small, simple ship that was loaded with barrels. “We also have prepared the water turrets,” he pointed through the east window and again Fang looked. Indeed, his water attack turrets were ready as planned.

“If we time this just right, Master Tiange’s plan will succeed, even without his presence” Fang folded his arms “Where is Zyphell’s fleet now?”

“Approximately two minutes away sir” Ynot reported

“Have you issued the Turbospace lock in this area?” Fang asked

“Yes sir, as of now nothing gets past here in Turbospace” Ynot replied, “Arm turrets and prepare for war!” the men cheered and ran into attack position.

“Commander! Enemy fleet spotted in sector two!” called one of the troops

“Good!” Ynot called back. Before him, the monstrous Dominator materialised and twenty frigates moved into defensive positions around it “They’ve taken the bait! Launch the ambush!” In a flash, Galaxian frigates took up their planned positions. The two monster ships were now completely surrounded by their defence ships and fighters launched from each hanger. Aboard Dominator, Anton Zyphell stalked across the bridge and stroked his trident.

“I see they have taken the bait” he sneered, “Pathetic fools! You’ll need more than that to take this ship down, and this commander!” he waved his hand and his troops nodded. “Let’s take this battle onto more homely turf now, shall we?” he pushed a green button and space churned. The stars melted away and the two giant fleets moved backwards through space. Soon, they stopped above a planet, Fang looked down to be met by a horrific sight. Something he had not foreseen, something he had no ambush for.

“It’s not possible!” he cursed “He’s moved the battle over Mercury!”

The End

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