Chapter X: Eye of the Storm

Though darkness shrouded the galaxy, its people locked in a state of constant fear, the great ball of light at its very core still burned brightly. An emblem of peace and hope. Though the galaxy was at war, on Pluto the war was nowhere to be seen. They knew of it, of Anton Zyphell’s wretched curse on humanity, but their land was untouched. The darkness was a thing of legend to them, a rumour, and just another story that was shared.


            The glorious banquet of the King’s return was ending, the mood was high and there was the familiar scent of love in the air. Plutoon and Isabelle moved out onto the balcony of the King’s room and looked over the city. From that room, the whole of Plutan could be seen, only the back wall was out of sight. The three towers stood tall in the night and the moon was high in the sky, looking down upon them. Isabelle rested on the pearl banister and sighed, her gaze pierced the darkness and her hair was flowing freely behind her head. Plutoon admired her from the archway. Her silk dress blew in the cold wind and shone perfectly in the moonlight.

            He could tell she was happy, at peace. As she sighed once more, her body began to leak dark purple smoke as the dark powers within her relaxed. The smoke twisted in the breeze and continued to flow. On her arms, she wore the golden bands of a future queen and a golden serpent was coiled up her right leg. Her dress was purple as the dark energy that flowed from her, Plutoon was entranced. How could such evil power reside in such beauty? And she herself was not evil, she never abused her power, she didn’t even want it there. He walked up to her and held her arms.

            “Hard to believe that, right now somewhere across the stars, our friends are fighting and dying against my brother” she sighed, glancing up at him. Her blue eyes seemed so angelic on such a dark form. With her black hair and purple clothing, to find such bright blue eyes in a sea of white and a dark core, it made her seem almost spiritual. Plutoon looked away to the distance.

            “I’m trying not to think about it” he said slowly “My master believes my relationship with you would make me hold back from killing your brother”

            “I wouldn’t hesitate to do it myself” Isabelle cursed, Plutoon looked back to her

            “Do not let your beauty be scarred with hatred, my love” he said “In the end, it will come down to me and your brother and he will fall. I won’t let him get away with what he did to you” Isabelle smiled and closed her eyes.

            “The Dark Vixen” she said quietly “The sirens of the underworld. They would ensnare their prey with alluring eyes and words of passion, before devouring their souls” She ran her hand down the chain which hung from her neck and the golden skull that sat between her breasts “To drain the life of another to sustain oneself, the thought of it makes me tremble”

            “That is because you are not one of them, you are your own creation” Plutoon reassured her, placing his arm around her body. She smiled, nestling her head into his regal, silk clothing and ran her fingers along his chest “I’ve never met anyone like you before. I and I swear, I shall protect you with my life”

            Isabelle ran her fingers through his hair and wrapped her arms around his head, before pulling him into a kiss flooding with ecstasy. His arms were around her waist and she lifted her bare leg to caress his. They travelled together back into the chamber, where the light slowly faded into the shadow of the night.


            On the moon, Fang sat with Ynot staring into the night sky. Fang could sense everything in the galaxy, he could see Tiange readying his forces, Zyphell was blocked from his vision, but then he saw his pupil descending into a world of uncontrollable passion. He blinked and the vision ceased, he turned to Ynot, who had been whispering to himself.

            “It’s beautiful, is it not?” Ynot was saying

            “Yes, it is” Fang replied, Ynot looked round to him “There’s no war up there. And yet we put it there. Our mighty vessels of war traversing the stars and spreading pain into the domain of the Heavens”

            “What are we doing wrong, Fang?” Ynot suddenly asked “It has been nearly a thousand years since mankind first spread across the galaxy from Earth. We couldn’t cooperate on one planet so we divided among many. But still the fires of war follow us. Is it us, Fang? Is mankind nothing more than the twisted love child of war and anger?” Fang folded his arms

            “These entities of which you speak are not man-made” he said calmly “War, anger, evil, these are the weapons of Hell. Its never ending war with the Heavens has simply been passed down to those in No Man’s Land. We are between the two warring sides, evil is on both sides of us. There is nothing we can do but try to resolve our own problems without war, the problem is that some seem bent on causing pain and suffering to others”

            “Anton Zyphell” cursed Ynot

            “No. I learnt only this week that Zyphell’s own life is riddled with tragedy and loss” Fang’s voice was cold “He is simply reacting to what he believes life to be, dog eat dog” Ynot looked up to the sky.

            “It’s so peaceful, I wonder what that demon is doing right now?”


            Anton was on a balcony in his great fortress. He could see Tiange’s forces readying themselves, but he was dismissing them. He didn’t care. He looked to the sky, the stars looked back at him and he felt his mind battling with them. He heard their cries in his head, the war was destroying them, his war.

            He turned away and looked to the ground. His vision travelled up the wall, where his mighty trident stood silently, the darkness pulsing from it. Anton sneered and approached it.

            “Why do you look at me like that?” he asked the blade, the trident seemed to stare straight back at him “Am I not doing what you wanted? I remember the day you and I first met. In the center of a large clearing on Anakhama, you were just standing there waiting for the most powerful warrior to come and take you up. You spoke to me that day” he turned from the spear, the dark shrouds were growing deeper around the three blades “You told me that ultimate power was mine and mine alone. But only if I would give you the soul of the greatest family in the galaxy, the Ynots”

            “Have I done that?” Anton’s voice was becoming desperate “I returned to this galaxy in a time of war, I killed the man who betrayed both of us! Your power became one with my skill and we devastated countless battlefields. Whole planets would cease their rivalry the moment I stepped onto the plain and unite against me. You and I were feared right across the stars, everyone knows our names!” He stopped and looked back at the trident. It stared back at him, silently watching him “And yet, still we are not all powerful. Still we cannot restore the life we lost. Still you are not whole” The trident stood silently, the darkness shrouding the entire room “I shall not fail you. You shall be human once more, I shall have my family back and the galaxy will quake in fear at the very mention of our names!”

            The silent sky outside began to quake, clouds began to form and lightning flashed. Fang sat up and stared at the tormented Heavens, Ynot looked round to him with a bewildered look.

            “How can a sky that is peaceful become so stormy without any warning?” he asked “Master Fang?” Fang stroked his bearded chin.

            “Anton Zyphell is becoming more powerful, but at the same time” he paused “He’s losing his grip on sanity”


The End

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