Chapter III: The Price of Victory

The turmoil of Pluto was ended, the ruins of the Centadrone were buried at different ends of the galaxy and the designs were sent back to Mercury to ensure the weapon of mass destruction was never resurrected. People flooded back to Plutan in their thousands, hoping for a new life as the Savage War came to it’s dramatic conclusion. Another epic chapter in their history.

            Master Fang returned to Pluto and assisted in the recreation project. As the day of the New Year drew to a close, he and his old friend, Master Tiange, took a peaceful walk through the Gardens of Untouched Land, a beautiful floral patch in the outskirts of the city. Tiange had asked Fang to discuss the progress of his pupil the day before, but Fang had been caught up in a distressing call as King Plutoon was again rushed into hospital.

            “I’m afraid the statistics on the King’s survival are not as pleasing as expected my old friend” Tiange said in his ever-calm voice “Fate is against us in this one, Fang. The death of a family member is always dangerous for a pupil in the arts of the Kong Warrior” Fang sighed heavily.

            “If Plutoon were to loose his father the consequences could be dire,” he said slowly “I feel he is keeping something from me, since the fall of the first Dark Lord he has been different. I am concerned for him, his fate is still uncertain” there was a brief pause “Still, he is courageous and he knows the contrast of right and wrong”

            “Perhaps his current engagement may withdraw him from the path we all fear” Tiange suggested, “Always remember Fang, courage is not the absence of fear. It is but a citizen’s will to do what is right for all regardless of the consequences”

            “What task have you set my pupil Master Tiange?” Fang inquired

            “It is not as much a task” the calm master spoke steadily “as much as a gift. But no gift comes without a price Fang. He must work for his right to true happiness, as is the way of the Heavens”


            The night grew dark and the trees, clouds and animals of Pluto silenced in the eternal peace of sleep. But neither sleep nor food could tear Plutoon from his father’s side. For days he sat with him, waiting for the slightest sign of life. Then at last, that sign came.

            It was the morning of the new month, and as the sun moved to its highest peak, the old King stirred. Slowly, one old, watery eye slid open and the king slowly sat up. Plutoon looked up, and then sprung out of his seat to inform the nurse that his father was awakening. But the king grasped his arm, keeping him in the room.

            “S-s-son?” he said slowly

            “Yes father, it’s me. You’re all right now, its going to be all right” the king shook his head slowly.

            “No, Plutoon” he said, “My minutes are numbered, but I…had to see you one last time. Before I go” Plutoon shook his father’s hand trying to hold back his flooding emotions.

            “Don’t speak like this father” he urged “I drove them away, Pluto is free once more! Our world can live in peace under your compassionate leadership”

            “Son, it’s too late” the king smiled “I have done my duty, and now you must do yours…this is how it must be my boy” he reached over to the bedside and grasped his crown “This is yours now, always remember. A King’s duty is to every one, regardless of planet, species or gender. Train yourself to look at everyone as one colour, one type, and one body. Trust in your heart, I am very proud of you…my…only…son” slowly the weary eyes of the king closed once more.

            “No! Don’t give up! Not now! Father, please!” Plutoon lay over his father’s motionless body and wept long and hard. The birds outside sang in lament and the clouds wept silently. The great light of King Plutoon I passed from the planet and all lay now in total silence.

            Fang felt a weak tremor in time and space, and then closed his eyes in sorrow. Tiange placed his warm, comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder. Fang looked up

            “He is gone then” he said slowly “We have failed him” Tiange shook his head

            “Death is the only part of life that any one man can predict for another,” he said. “Do not dwell on what has been. Focus your mind on what is to come” Fang turned to him.

            “What is it?” he asked. Tiange sighed and the two began to walk slowly down the sliver corridors of the Plutonian Museum.

            “Our Urani intelligence units have informed us that General Anton Zyphell has surpassed the laws of justice and walked free once more” Fang cursed under his breath. He knew that name, everyone in the galaxy knew that name. It was that of the greatest warlord they had ever known, wielder of the trident of Hell, the Unbreakable Curse. He came from the Third Galaxy after years of self-imposed exile, the boy that left their galaxy returned as a demon. His skills were unmatched, his ego uncontrollable and his power beyond anything that had ever been known. He had mastered the art of Dark Kong, the only man ever to have done so without having it in his bloodline. Fang’s eyes thinned, he could picture him now, laughing maniacally as he once more stalked the nightmares of the galaxy.

            “When will this galaxy learn that tyrants like the General should be locked away before they can do any real harm to anyone?” he blurted “When?” Tiange looked down at him with a serious look.

            “When it is too late” he said “The General’s fleet left Saturn two days ago, he’s under constant monitoring, of course” Fang turned to him.

            “Yes, but that is not enough!” he shouted “Definitely not for someone as cunning as Anton Zyphell!” Tiange tried to calm him down.

            “We cannot use our powers to influence their decisions Fang, that is the way of the Dark Kong” Fang slowly calmed and the two returned to their walk. Above them, in the darkness of space, the stars began to quake in fear at the very mention of the Demon of the Battlefield.


At this time, thousands of frigates, fighters and capital ships under the Galaxian flag left the planet Mercury on the other side of the galaxy, on route to Saturn. On the bridge of capital ship Galaxiano, Commander Dercher stood briefing the army on the plan.

            “We have received word that tyrant lord, the King of Beasts, has set up several War Factories and mining facilities extracting ore from the planet Saturn” he began “As you well know, Saturn is a gas giant and holds no physical land mass. But the cities built on sky platforms are capable of reaching into the very depths of the planet’s natural resources, which are the key material in the construction and manufacture of Zyton  Nuclear Missiles” he paused “The plan is simple, we assault the war factories, bomb the mines and take the King prisoner. These actions are illegal and abhorred, the Galaxians will not stand for treachery” a tall figure entered the room “Ah, just on time. Men, meet you’re new commanding General on land assault, General Thones Ynot” the men all cheered and then new General took a proud bow to them all. He then turned to the bridge commander.

            “Take us to Turbospace commander” he ordered “All frigates mark our position” One by one, the Galaxian armada disappeared into space.


            Back on Pluto, a congregation gathered at the castle to celebrate the crowning of their new King. Fireworks ruled the skies and music dominated the land as the thousands of citizens, soldiers and children alike joined in the celebration. Plutoon walked slowly up in the middle of the two crowds, what lay behind him was in the past now. What lay ahead, was his destiny. Slowly he sat on his father’s throne and faced his adoring public. They all sat down and Master Tiange approached him.

            “Citizens of Pluto” he began “You are gathered here today to witness the dawning of a new age of peace. Though we still grieve for the loss of our beloved king, his son will help us all through this difficult time with his word of wisdom and peace. Are you, the people of Pluto, willing to allow this man, Zanton Plutoon, to rule your city and planet as king?” The crowd all recited their agreement “And are you, Zanton Plutoon, willing to take the throne of Pluto and in turn accept the responsibilities as their king?” Plutoon spoke his agreement clearly “Then in the views of the great Heavens of the Galaxy, and in the presence of the thousands of Plutonian souls, I declare you to be, from this day forward, King and Lord of the planet Pluto and its associated cities”

            As the golden crown touched Plutoon’s hair, a tremor was sent through the sky, silently and unseen. But Fang felt it, as did Tiange. They looked at one another in surprise, as the crowd roared in applause and Plutoon smiled out at them all. After the ceremony the two Kong Masters slipped out of the room and into the gardens.

            “Did you feel it?” Fang inquired

            “Yes” Tiange said slowly “Yes I felt it. I think you were right, something is going on” Fang looked back at his old friend.

            “Something is happening that we cannot control” he said “This is out of our hands, Tiange and rests with the new generation. Though we will do all we can, I have faith in my pupil and his people” Tiange looked up at the sky, the stars were veiled.

            “I hope you’re right Fang” he spoke slowly

The End

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