Chapter I: A War's Destruction

The planet Mercury, the most important planet in the entire solar system, is the home of the Galaxians. Since the new age began they have laid down what will be done and where. But a great evil started the largest and most horrific war in the history of the galaxy; families, homes and people were destroyed. A sinister plot to rule the galaxy in time of slavery and poverty was unearthed. At the centre of this plot was the diabolical warlord, the Dark Lord Zyton Amanturi, and in the year 989 AD he dived into Mercury and staged a lightning attack on the Galaxian Houses of Order. His recent attempts on the planet had failed, but this time things were going well. In an attempt to rescue the senators from the besieged planet, young Zanton Plutoon and his master, Kong Warrior Zang Fang, have been sent to deal with the enemy and end the crisis.

            Two small fighters soared across the skies and manoeuvred the thousands of enemy bug fighters that swarmed around the planet. Plutoon twirled through the atmosphere and soared towards the surface of Mercury’s mega city, Mercan. As his ship passed through the planet’s atmosphere, the technology began to shut down. His onboard systems switched off as the natural gases in the planetary air seemed to drag him back into the dark ages. When Zanton touched down, he flipped out of the cockpit and ripped out his sword. The second ship touched down and the wise master Zang Fang stepped out grasping his staff. They looked at each other and then faced the entrance of the House of Order. The door swung open and there stood the most vicious killer in the history of the galaxy. His voice struck fear into the hearts of his enemies and no warrior who had heard it from less than three feet away had lived to tell the tale.

            “You shall not pass here!” growled the Lord of the Hunters. His name was legendary, his existence an abomination against creation. It had never been fully established whether the rest of his kind, the dreaded Dark Hunters, actually existed. Their terror was said to only exist in the darkest nightmares, but the Hunter Lord was as real as they come. The Lord of the Hunters stood tall in the doorway and glared down at the trespassers.

            “The Lord of the Hunters” spoke Fang in his sarcastic tone “I’ve waited a long time to test your skills my friend”

            “Master, we don’t have time. The Galaxians may not have much time left!” The Hunter Lord smiled with a rotten toothy grin.

With a whip to the belt, Plutoon’s sword was raised in full height. Purple light shone from Fang’s staff as he charged its power. The Lord of the Hunters grinned as he revealed his hand made weapon, the Dark Striker. This weapon was the ancient spear of the land of Jupiter composed of two razor sharp blades, poised on opposite ends of a glowing black spear. Where the Lord of the Hunters relied on a battle scheme of offensive battling, Master Zang Fang put his faith in the Heavens of the galaxy. Raising his staff, he called loud into the sky.

            “The weapons to which you so lovingly cling are not wise enough to outwit the will of the light” Casting aside his sweeping black cloak, the Lord of the Hunters spun his spear above his head and struck the blade of Plutoon. Forcing the enemy backwards into the House of Order, Fang and Plutoon blocked and repelled all of the enemy’s offensive tactics.

Above them, the attack on the planet by the Dark Lord’s cruisers was not going as well as the defence had hoped. Many blockade cruisers had entered the planet’s atmosphere and were blasting the nearby civilian city. Outside of the atmosphere, an explosion ripped through the hull of a Murcuran battleship and it split in two. Thousands of fighters emerged from the docking bay of a Dark Lord Frigate, with turrets blazing from its side. Hundreds of men screamed as the bridge of another Murcuran battleship was engulfed in flames and the monstrous thing hurled to the ground below.

Back inside the Houses, the battle between the three warriors raged on. Now cannons from the blockade cruisers were blasting the Order Houses. Large metal girders tumbled from the ceiling and blocked the exit and flames engulfed the library.

            Dodging blast after blast, Fang’s aerial attacks and fierce lightning blasts seemed to be driving their enemy into a retreat. An inferno of flames blasted from his staff and sent the Lord flying through a wall. The Lord of the Hunters rolled along the steel flooring of the Hanger bay and slammed his head into the wall at the opposite end. Taking this advantage, Fang turned to Plutoon.

            “Locate and rescue the Galaxians, escort them to the bridge in Zang Taan just outside of the city” Fang put his hand on Plutoon’s shoulder “I can handle this one, he isn’t that tough”

            “Yes master, it will be done” Zanton bowed and ran out from the battle. The Lord of the Hunters rose at last, shaking his head in a mix of pain and disbelief. Switching tactics, the Lord randomly speared objects and began throwing them at the small master. Fang grinned and screamed out words of ancient magician text. A huge golden tornado erupted around him sucking in all objects, turning them to gold and throwing them in a continuous line at the Hunter Lord, who muttered only two tiny words.

            “Uh…oh!” he was once again pounded into the wall by the flying objects, exploding on contact. As the last one struck he was blasted across the room and landed near Zang Fang. Tornado still blaring, the Hunter Lord found himself being slowly dragged towards his enemy. “No…No!” In he went and with a loud crash he was sent flying back out. Soaring across the room at phenomenal speeds, he smashed through the main window and tumbled, screaming, down the side of the mountain.


            Elsewhere, Plutoon burst into the detainment room and cut down the guards. After locating the Galaxian leaders, he escorted them safely from the besieged Houses and across the city towards Zang Taan. Where he encountered none other than the Dark Lord’s nine most trusted Generals. His personal escort, Maiand Khan, his three high lieutenants, and five of the deadly Dark Hunters. The Dark Lord sprung his trap as two thousand soldiers ran from the Zang Taan tents and blocked his path.

            “You shall not pass, now fight!” scowled one of the soldiers. Ordering the Galaxians to hide, Plutoon ran in and cut down soldier after soldier, commander after commander. Within fifteen minutes, over 1.5 thousand soldiers were dead. The remaining soldiers fled in fear.

            “D’ya want some more?” shouted Plutoon to the generals “Zanton Plutoon could fight the darkness forever!” The Dark Hunters scowled and vaporised while the remaining officers fled the battle. “Ha! A bunch of cowards, the lot of ya!” As the Galaxians walked across Zang Taan Bridge, the temperature dropped phenomenally. Plutoon turned to the head of the Galaxians. “Is it me or did it just get very cold?” turning in fear, one of the senators screamed out in terror.

            “Darkness! Save us!” he screamed as large black clouds of shadow curled around the trees, which crumpled and burned to the ground. Lightning lit up the skies and created sinister shadows on the ground. With a blast of evil and shadow, the smoke was pushed aside and the Dark Lord of the galaxy stood in a cloaked shroud. The senators ran as fast as they could across the bridge, but Plutoon stood his ground. The Dark Lord sneered and raised his hands to the skies. His black Shadow Staff whipped from his sleeve and a sword whipped from his second.

            “Wow, what else have you got up your sleeve?” joked Plutoon, the Dark Lord laughed shrilly.

            “You’re Zang Fang’s pupil all right!” he sneered “But how well has he taught you?” Within a second the two were in the air, flipping around crossing blades and slicing at each other viciously. As the blades clashed, dark sparks flew from the staff.


            Zang Fang had never been more cautious in his life. Something was wrong, he could taste it. On reaching the floor, Fang held his staff close. One of his sergeants ran up to him and bowed, Fang allowed him to rise.

            “We have been unable to locate a body sir” he stated, Fang stroked his chin.

            “The Lord of the Hunters is cunning sergeant,” he said clearly “But if you trust in your heart, you will be guided to him” the sergeant bowed again and left “something…is wrong. Something is very wrong” Closing his eyes, he saw blade and staff cross, then his eyes snapped open in shock “Plutoon!” He leapt on his horse and shot across the plains.


            Back at Zang Taan the two warriors had mounted their horses and were colliding blades when they crossed. The Dark Lord’s horse was massive and dark, with purple smoke rising for its mane and glowing red eyes behind a metal guard. The Dark Lord blasted dark vorpal energy at his foe, laughing a shrill and evil laugh.

            “You have extraordinary powers young Plutoon” he sneered “Why don’t you come with me? A young warrior of your potential is wasted on Zang Fang” With a cry of anger, Plutoon swung his blade and sliced the Dark Lord’s leg off from the knee. He fell from his horse and rolled along the stony gravel, groaning in agony. Struggling with his disability, the Dark Lord scrambled across the floor and against the cliff. Plutoon dismounted and walked up to the fallen lord, grasping his sword. “I see I cannot match your power young one. Good work, you got me. I see I am now, entirely, at your mercy” he struggled into a kneeling position “I tell you what, my friend, why don’t you have this?” he handed him an old rotten book “The book contains the teachings of the great Master Ionta Zytron. If you ever feel you are mistreated or misunderstood, Zytron will have shared what you had been through. He will guide you. I take it that now you seek to take my life”

            “That’s right” sighed Plutoon

            “Ah. Who can betray all of his allies and then murder them and not get killed for it in the end? Well then, my reign of Dark Lord seems to be at an end. I can see it now; Zyton Amanturi 875 AD-989 AD, the first great Dark Lord of the Galaxy” he looked to the skies “That was my dream. Since the day I was born, since the day I murdered my own Grandfather, and the day I turned on the Galaxians” he grinned then looked at Plutoon “ Do you know what else I can clearly see?” Plutoon shook his head “Zanton Plutoon 969 AD-present date, the second great Dark Lord of the Galaxy!” The Dread Lord burst into psychotic laughter, his fingers curled like the branches of and old tree. Anger reached maximum as Plutoon raised his blade to the sky. Fang flipped from his speeder calling out to his pupil.

            “Plutoon! No!” too late, the blade came down and the head came off. As his sword struck the ground, Plutoon turned slowly to his master. “What have you done?”


            The first great shadow was dead, the shroud of evil had fallen and the galaxy could now live in peace. The evening was alight with celebration, feasting and praising the heavens. Plutoon and Zang Fang were summoned to the office of the Galaxian leader and peaceful ruler of the galaxy. As the elevator whizzed up the side of the tower, Plutoon’s mind was a mess. Feeling this guilt build up, Zang Fang put his hand on his pupil’s shoulder.

            “You did well Plutoon” he sighed “If you didn’t kill him, someone else would have. Be proud of what you’ve achieved” Plutoon looked down at his master.

            “I can’t help feeling that I’ve disappointed you” he replied “There was something in your voice back there, it made me feel as if…I had done wrong” he turned with a serious look in his eye. “Was killing the Dark Lord wrong?” Fang turned away.

            “You should be proud of yourself, you ended the war that was destroying your galaxy” Plutoon kneeled down so he and his master saw eye to eye.

            “Master please” he urged. Fang sighed.

            “The demise of a Dark Lord is the most joyous thing to occur in history. Though I will admit that death may not have been the proper Kong solution, you had no choice in the situation” Plutoon suddenly fell to the floor in pain, screaming out for help. “Plutoon! Come on boy don’t give in now!” the pain tore through his body from one area of his leather jacket. Putting his hand on that area he felt something, square and hard. It was the book of Ionta Zytron. “Listen to me Plutoon” with those words the pain faded “Did the Dark Lord give you anything before his demise?” Plutoon thought long and hard. He knew that the fallen lord had given him the book, but part of him thought ‘hold on, this is my trophy. Why should this old fool take it? Lie Plutoon…lie!’

            “No master, it was just rib pain” he replied, his master looked at him with a concerning look. As Plutoon re-found his feet, the elevator door slid open. “It’s about time” The two walked through the door and into the office. “My lord, it’s good to see you again” Galactic Prime Minister Troton Zyphell rose and shook his guest’s hands.

            “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you my brave little friend” he sighed “And how are you my old friend?” Zang Fang gave his old school mate a vigorous hugging. “Wow, still hugging at your age my friend. Nothing ever brings you down does it? Oh Plutoon, I have some news for you. It’s rather bad I’m afraid” Plutoon, Zang Fang and Troton sat down. “Your father is critically ill on Pluto”

            “What? How?” blurted Plutoon on the edge of tears. Doing all that he could to help, Troton passed his friend a box of tissues.

            “The oil plant on the planet went into a security lockdown after reports of hydrogen weapons being stored there were released. Your father was doing his monthly inspection on the Health and Hygiene of the plant, when he slipped and fell on a bridge over the main central reactor core” Plutoon shot up like a bullet and stormed from the room. “I’m terribly sorry about this Fang my friend. But I was ordered by his father to tell him. What of the Dark Lord?”

            “Dead” sighed Fang “I don’t like this. What if it’s true, what happened to Zyton? And what about the legacy of the Defictory? The fall of a shadow but in the process the rise of a greater one, and a galaxy divided in war. What if it’s all true? My pupil could be in terrible danger”

            “Relax my friend” sighed Zyphell “Rejoice, for today is a momentous climax to the history of the galaxy. My father said…” he paused as sad memories of his father came back to him. Fang comforted his old friend.

            “Come on, now where were we?” Fang started “What’s the latest on the Ruffian War?”

            “Still raging, Pluto is really struggling out there” he sat back and sipped his warm tea. “If you have any cunning plans up your sleeve, now’s the time to unveil them” Fang looked to the floor, his mind raced “Anything?”

            “I have one plan, I’ll send Plutoon to defend his planet” Fang said, “The Barbarian King will deploy his troops along the east side of the capital city, this is an extremely defensive point. So Plutoon can lead his men towards his capital stronghold, capture the King and end this useless war”

“Agreed, I’ll inform the Galaxians immediately”

The End

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