Defictory Episode 1: The Rise of Darkness

The Legacy of Defictory



Legends foretell the fall of a shadow,

But the rise of a greater one in its place

Of a King who risked it all,

To save his people from a metal demon

Of a warrior possessing immense strength and power,

And wielding the blade of Hell itself

A decision of which way to go,

To run or face a deadlier foe

Consumed by flame of war and tooth of rage,

The coming of a new and darker age

Of metal that lives and creatures of darkness

And Hell’s ultimate vengeance

Of a choice between love and family

A union of two devils in their own right

Of a young and innocent couple betrayed by fate,

Bringing love into a time of hatred

Of the transformation from innocence to war

As the land is stained with death

Of betrayal against those who betray

And murder against those who murder

And of a Kong wizard’s final sacrifice

To save the light of the future


This is the Legacy of Defictory

Welcome to your destruction

The End

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