I was absolutely amazed. I had been picked to be a protector! Never in my short life have I ever dreamed of becoming the protector...yet here I am! "This is it! We made it!" I whispered happily to the girl Amaya, with a wide grin that nearly split my face in two.  I was so excited that I could barely keep control of myself. I wanted to start running around and jumping of the walls. I could feel the stones that I was walking on crying out congratulations as I moved over them. 

We were taken into the elder's room to be sworn into our positions and have our already noteworthy abilities completely unlocked. The process was short and to the point, the elders gave us a sheet of paper to read from as we gave the oath, then they joined hands, forming a circle around us, and unlocked our powers. As they finished I could feel huge amounts of power. My powers before, which had been very strong, felt like child's play compared to the vast well of power that now resided in my body, under my control. I could feel every rock, animal, and plant for miles and miles!

When we had been given our powers we were taken up to the Protectors' quarters. They were located in the middle of the city in a huge sky-scraper that looked out over the whole of the city and surrounding lands. There was a large kitchen with a sleek oven and cabinets filled with foodstuffs. I moved into the living room and Amaya followed me, her mouth was hanging open slightly and I realized that mine was too. I quickly shut it and moved over to a La-Z-Boy to sit down. It had been a long time since I had sat in one of these. Not since my parents had died and I had joined the guild...

The Elders left us to get used to our new place to stay. After happily reclining in the extremely comfortable chair, I heaved myself up to explore the rest of the place. There were two bathrooms each with a shower and a bathtub as well as the other necessities. There were also two offices with comfortable office chairs, computers, and desks. I looked around but that was it. I started to get confused...what about the bedrooms? There were none here? I thought about it for a while then realized that I wasn't at all tired. It was quite a bit after when I usually went to sleep, but I just didn't feel at all sleepy. I put two and two together and figured that we would never need to sleep again. 

"Hey! Amaya! We don't need to sleep!" I called out to her excitedly. 

The End

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