Defense of the Ancient

The old protectors have passed away, new ones are chosen. But they are young! Never before have teenagers been chosen for the joint protection of the city and the statue! Now they must prove themselves because, for the first time in a century, evil is near, attacking the city with the intent of unlocking the statues powerful secrets.

Snow fell to the ground in big, fluffy, white flakes as people crowded into the city hall. It was a huge round building with enough seats to accommodate every man, woman and child in the city of Guilohall and a large stage in the center. The old protectors had passed away, and now two new ones must be chosen. As was tradition, the election meeting was held at twilight so that the people of the dark and the people of the light could both attend. 

The tension in the air was palpable as the small group of hopefuls who had qualified to run for the position of protector slowly marched down the hall to the middle of the stage where a group of elders sat. The elders were there to interview each hopeful personally before deciding which two should become protectors. One male and one female would be chosen for the job. The process took two hours, and when it was finished, the elders gathered among themselves to discuss and vote on who's powers they should fully unlock, making them the most powerful beings in the known universe. The decision was never easy, for with great power comes great responsibility, very few were honorable and steadfast enough not to be corrupted by the power given to them. 

It was half an hour before the group of elders finally disengaged. One came forward and announced in a magically enhanced voice the names of the two candidates that had been chosen. Murmurs of amazement ran through the crowd, the only two teenagers had been chosen! Never had this happened before and many doubted their trust-worthiness, after all even though they were known to be the most well-behaved in the city they were still only children! However, those that knew them, knew the elders had made a wise decision, for though they did have their flaws, these two children were not only the most powerful mages of their time, they were also among the most upright and smartest citizens in all of Guilahall!

Once they had been chosen, people slowly filed out of the building to go either to bed, or to work. The unchosen candidates were sent back to their jobs, and the new protectors were brought into a separate room to recite the vows and have their full abilities unlocked. 

"This is it! We made it!" The boy whispered to the girl with a wide grin  as they were led into the Elder's room. 

The End

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