And they came crashing downMature

    The Ravalonian soldiers assembled at the gateway, each soldier well rested and prepared for battle. Their armor and weapons were polished and cleaned, making each soldier shine like a blazing sun. A proud and heartfilled horn blared, echoing through the castle and through the Abyssian camp.

    Arrivir stepped in front of his Ravalonian kinsmen, he turned to them and said.

    "Brothers in arms! Today, we avenge the attack on not only Redkeep, but Ravalon!" Every soldier cheered and raised his weapon and shield. "Today we bring justice to those who would deprive us of it! Today we stand together! Today the Abyssians will fall! Today the White Falcon's glory will shine over the land!" Every Ravalonian soldier roared in pride and cheered, raising their weapons to the heavens. They started cheering "For the White Falcon!" and pounding their weapons on their shields in a rythmic drumming.

    The Ravalonians let loose their warcries and charged the Abyssians, who had just gathered themselves after being woken by the horns and shouts. The Ravalonians and the Abyssians came at each other like two titans about to clash in battle. The Ravalonians charged the Abyssians in fierce courage and pride. They Abyssians tried to put up a defense, but then the Ravalonians charged into them. And they came crashing down.

    The Ravalonians cut through the Abyssian force with ferocious skill and determination. They slashed and sliced until eventually the Abyssians started to pull back. The ones that fled were forced forward by their officers, the ones that stayed were cut down. The Ravalonian's armor, gleamed even brighter in the sunlight, the army became a blazing sun, charging after the Abyssian darkness.

    In not even half an hour, all of the Abyssians had either retreated, or been killed. In the final battle, not one Ravalonian had been killed, they stood gleaming, in a field of defeated darkness. Arrivir felt a feeling of pride come over him, he looked up at the sky, towards heaven, and said.

    "Thank you Lirrian," he thought of Lirrians words I'll tell them what I've watched you become, "for everything." Arrivir let a tear roll down his face, but not of sadness, of joy. He looked over and saw Varimir jogging towards him.

    "Did you see that?" Varimir said, "we beat them! We fought off the Abyssians!" He looked at his fellow soldiers and said, "Three cheers for Arrivir! Defender of the White Falcon!" The soldiers raised their weapons and cheered, shouting Arrivir's name in a chant, praising him as a hero.

    Arrivir was proud of himself, he had not only defeated the Abyssians, but his rage as well. He knew that from this day forth, they would speak of the Defense of Redkeep, and the brave soldiers of Ravalon. They would tell the tale of the Red Guard, defenders of the White Falcon.

The End

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