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    Arrivir stood over Lirrian's corpse, he could feel the forces of adrenaline and rage pumping through his veins. Like horses thundering across a battlefield, he felt his blood pumping and his muscles tightening. He charged the Abyssians along with the rest of the Red Guard.

    He jumped high over the Abyssian front line and crashed into the third row of soldiers. His blade swung in circles cutting down every Abyssian that came close, he hated them even more now. The rage was hard to control, he thought he would lose it again, he knew it. He started growling as his blade moved faster and faster and faster.

    He cleaved and slashed and thrust until he was yet again covered in blood and surrounded by a circle of blood. The Ravalonian force started moving forward, not pushing the Abyssian force back, but rather cutting through it. Arrivir left a trail of corpses and blood behind him as he went forward.

    Suddenly he saw himself in the reflection of a dead man's breastplate, he saw the blood and gore that covered him. He felt the adrenaline and the rage combating eachother again. He fell to his knees screaming, it felt like his blood was burning and he felt like his head would explode. He thought, he thought of his country, of his friends, he thought of Lirrian and his family. He thought of Varimir and the other guards, would he let what happened to Lirrian and his family happed to Varimir?

    He fought the rage, he pushed the anger back in his mind and thought of his country, of what would happen if he failed. Suddenly the rushing feeling of adrenaline flooded through him. It was the feeling of determination and courage, the feeling of heroes. He stood up and wiped the blood from his sword and face. He looked at the Abyssians and smiled, raising his blade.

    He charged the Abyssian army again, this time slashing and slicing with the skills Lirrian gave him. He cut them down with fierce skill and determination, and just as before, he was another whirlwind of silver death. After an hour or two the sun came up and the Ravalonians pulled back into the keep. They had struck a heavy blow to the Abyssians.

    Arrivir washed himself off and rested, a few hours later, when everyone was prepared and ready, they set up another attack. This time they would finish the Abyssian force once and for all. "This ends here," Arrivir said as he put a hand on Lirrian's sword.

The End

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