For your countryMature

    It was late in the night when the catapults started firing, they struck the stones of Redkeep with heavy force. Arrivir was sleeping when one of the giant boulders crashed into his room. The boulder was almost taller than he was! All the other guards woke up, everyone was rushing to put on armor and weapons.

    Arrivir came bursting out the door of the keep and into the courtyard, fully armed and ready for battle. He saw Lirrian and a small group of guards holding off the Abyssians in the gateway. Lirrian fought with the fierceness of a lion, his sword was a silver whirlwind of death for all that came close.

    Arrivir sprinted to the gateway and joined in the clash, he could feel the adrenaline rushing through his muscles. His sword struck faster and faster, he soon became just as much a whirlwind of death as Lirrian. But then Arrivir saw an arrow strike Lirrian in the shoulder, he staggered but kept swinging, then another arrow took him. Lirrian staggered again and fell to his knees, but he still kept swinging, his sword was the claws of a desperate lion in it's last stand.

    On Abyssian blade caught Lirrian in the neck, one went through his stomach and another through his heart. But he still pulled himself up, laughing as blood flowed from his mouth, he roared and took a giant swing,cutting down the three men who stabbed him. Lirrian's eyes became weary and he fell on one knee, still clutching his sword.

    Arrivir ran to Lirrian's side, by now every guard in Redkeep was up and ready. He cradled the old mans head.

    "You've done good Arrivir," Lirrian coughed. "Keep up your training, and soon you'll be better than this old blademaster ever was." Lirrian grinned, but then  continued. " Listen, the day your mother and father died, we came to investigate the smoke, we didn't find any survivors. We searched but found nothing, then I heard a quiet sobbing sound. It was you, crying over your mothers corpse, barely even five years of age. I took your hand, and brought you to Redkeep, where they begain your training, from the moment I saw your determination, I knew you would be a great swordsman."

    "It was you that saved me?" Arrivir said. "I would have been left for dead had you not been there."

    "Aye," Lirrian said, "but it is you, that has also saved me. You've showed us that life doesn't have to be about rage, or anger or violence, but courage and determination. Here," he said, " take this, I hope it serves you well," Lirrian handed Arrivir his silvery sword. "It is not the blade that makes the master, it's the man behind it, but it should at least help you. I'll tell your parents what I've watched you become Arrivir, now go, defend Redkeep, for your country!"

    Tears began to stream down Arrivir's cheeks again, like when he thought about his parents. He stood up and held Lirrians sword in front of him, he could feel a mix of adrenaline and raged fueling his blood. He looked at the Abyssians and said.

    "For your country!"

The End

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