As the Ravalonians pushed the Abyssians back even further, Lirrian came up to Arrivir and clapped a hand on his back and laughed.

    "Boy I haven't seen a move like that since I was your age," they both laughed. "You see what happens when you don't let rage take you? You felt that rush didn't you? Its called adrenaline, its ten times more powerful than rage and alot funner." They both laughed again.

    "I did feel it," Arrivir said, "I didn't feel pure hatred, I felt joy, and energy, I felt like I was saving lives, not destroying them." Lirrian gave him a wide grin and they ran with the other soldiers. They intended to strike a crippling blow against the Abyssians, right here and right now.

    The Ravalonians charged the Abyssian lines with fierce determination, the two lines clashed yet again. The Ravalonians pierced through the weary Abyssian lines like an arrow through flesh. Arrivir sprinted towards the Abyssians lines, just like he did to the giant man back at the gates.

    He jumped and crashed into the Abyssians, his sword striking a deadly blow against an Abyssian. Arrivir felt a rush of energy surging through his muscles, instead of the hot blooded feeling of rage. He felt the tingling energetic feeling of adrenaline. His sword swung in deadly arcs, just like Lirrian taught him, one strike led to another, he barely broke a sweat.

    Instead of being a hound unleashed, Arrivir felt like a falcon, bravely defending its home. He swung with determination and skill, his true skill came to the surface like the golden sun piercing through thick clouds. Meanwhile, in the distance, Lirrian watched Arrivir with a proud sense of approval. "He's growing up," Lirrian said. He smiled and went back to battle.

The End

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