The harder they fallMature

    It was later in the morning the next day when the next Abyssian attack started. By now the battle would just be a contest of strength and skill. The Abyssians had lost the element of surprise. Arrivir had put his armor on and was standing at the remains of the gate with the other soldiers. The gate had been destroyed in the last attack so they formed a crude yet solid barricade of spikes and wooden planks.

    The Abyssians started marching towards the gates. Some looked eager, others looked absolutely terrified. At one point, Arrivir saw an Abyssian make eye contact with him and flinch with fear. Arrivir took deep breaths, he wasn't going to let his rage get him this time.

    When the Abyssians were about fifty feet from the gate, the archers started shooting their arrows. The arrows kept pouring on the Abyssians like a plague of locust. And when the Abyssians were within ten feet of the gate the Red Guards charged forward. The two forces clashed like two titans in a battle. The loud noise of crashing steel and shouting echoed through the fortress like a song of death.

    The longer the battle went, the more the Abyssians got pushed back, it seemed like for every minute the Abyssians were pushed back another meter. Suddenly Arrivir heard the loud sound of a hammer smashing against steel. There was a giant of a man, dressed in full black plate with a giant maul in his hands. He was swinging the giant weapon wildly, sending Ravalonian soldiers flying back.

    "The bigger they are, the harder they fall", he said with a grin.

    Arrivir started sprinting towards the giant man and jumped in the air, his sword raised. He swung it down in a wide arc, cleaving the man through the plates on his shoulder and neck, a famous weak spot in armor. The giant man grunted in pain but shook it off and raised his maul. Arrivir dodged the swing as the maul crashed into the ground. He lunged his sword through the giants leg, who came crashing onto his knees. The giant man swung his hammer in another desperate attempt, this one caught Arrivir in the legs. Arrivir fell to the ground, his sword clanging to the ground as well.

    The giant pulled himself up and stood over Arrivir. Arrivir acted quickly, he pulled out his dagger and threw it, the dagger pierced the mans helmet through the eye slits. He roared in agony but took another furious swing. Arrivir was starting to get angry again, but he fought to control it. He heard someone shout his name and saw Lirrian, he tossed another sword to Arrivir. He caught the sword by the handle and turned to the giant.

    He ran forward and jumped onto the giants shoulders, using them as a springboard to jump even higher. He flew up in the air at least ten feet then came straight down. His sword slid straight into the giants throat as he looked up at Arrivir. The giant said nothing, only gurgled blood and crashed to the ground. Arrivir pulled his sword from the corpse, it was almost fully red from blood. He thought in amazement and the move he just pulled off. He did that, all by himself, and he did it without the rage, it felt good.

The End

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