Control itMature

    It was early evening when Arrivir had walked into thee courtyard. He looked down and saw Lirrian in the training area. He was swinging his sword in practice motions, they weren't wild hacks and cuts, but smooth, fluid motions. Each swing led to the next and each swing was intricate but deadly fast, making his blade a swirling silver circle of death.

    Arrivir walked down to the training area, a small area indented into the ground, and greeted Lirrian. Lirrian sheathed his sword and greeted Arrivir with the traditional guard salute, the right hand across his chest. Arrivir looked at a training dummy, a straw stuffed, burlap sack shaped roughly like a human.

    "You wanna take a swing at it?" Lirrian said with a grin as he wiped the sweat off his face. He was wearing his guard uniform, chainmail armor with plate arms and greaves, and a brigandine with red leather, golden studs and a golden eagle on the chest. His sword was encased in a red leather sheathe and a silvery hilt with a wire wrapped grip.

    "Sure," Arrivir unsheathed his sword and started swinging at the dummy, one swing after another, it was fluid, not as much as Lirrian's but still smooth.

    "Very good, just have each swing lead into the next, master this and your swing will come faster and with perfect efficiency." Lirrian demonstrated on the dummy, his sword spun like a whirlwind until the dummy fell backwards, clattering to the floor. "You're a very good swordsman Arrivir, you just need to control your rage, then you will be a master."

    Arrivir nodded in agreement, if he could control his rage, and control his actions, he could very well become a master swordsman.

    "Will you teach me"? Arrivir asked. Lirrian looked up and smiled warmly.

    "Of course, first I must teach you to master your rage, then..." He put a hand on his sword. "I'll teach you to master this."

The End

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