The Abyssian ram smashed into the gates, making them crack open with a loud splitting sound. Arrivir looked at the men climbing up the ladder in front of him and suddenly had an idea. He started choping of the rungs of the ladder, making it impossible to climb. Once he had done that he followed a few soldiers to the gate, where the Abyssians had started pouring in.

    He leaped off the walls and in front of the gate, sword and shield at the ready. The first Abyssian he saw, Arrivir smashed into with his shield. The man fell to the floor and Arrivir stuck his sword in the Abyssians gut. Arrivir charged at the Abyssians like a hound being let off it's leash. The more and more Abyssians that came through the gate, the faster Arrivir swung. After just a few minutes he was a bloodsoaked mess, his armor, shield, sword and face were covered in the enemies blood.

    Arrivir became a frenzied monster, he swung furiously, cleaving through helmets and flesh. At one point, there was an Abyssian, laying on the ground holding his shield up to block Arrivir. But Arrivir just kept smashing the shield until in splintered in half. Arrivir cut down the Abyssian invaders as if they were responsible for his mother and fathers death.

    The battle raged for hours until eventually the Abyssians had been pushed back yet again. Lirrian found Arrivir kneeling, covered from head to toe in blood. Arrivir was breathing heavily and was fatigued from the battle. Lirrian helped him up and said.

    "Come on, lets go eat, you need to rest. You were an animal out there Arrivir, it was good, but don't let it take control of you. Rage can make us feel strong and undefeatable but can be our ultimate downfall."

    "Alright, I don't know what keeps coming over me down there. For some reason, whenever I go down there I keep thinking of my mother and father." Arrivir said as they walked through the door of the Keep.

    "Well, you need to get some food, and get some rest. We need your skill down there Arrivir, more than you know it. Go clean up, you smell like an Abyssian." They both laughed and Arrivir realized he was completely red, and the red surcoat only amplified the effect. Varimir came jogging up to Arrivir, his armor off and his hair and face covered in water to cool himself down.

    "You certainly know how to earn a reputation," he said as he wiped his face with a cloth. "The whole Keep is talking about Arrivir the Avenger," he said the name with mock amazement. The both laughed, the two of them had been friend since Arrivir came to Redkeep.

    When Arrivir arrived after...the day, Varimir had just arrived to start his training, he had been apprenticed by his mother and father. They grew up training together, they grew up with swords in their hands. They looked like complete opposites though, Arrivir was tall, muscular and had blond hair. Varimir was rather short and muscular and had black hair and a foxlike appearance.

    No matter what their difference were though, the two of them had been friends since childhood. And Arrivir meant to keep it that way, and if that meant slaying a thousand Abyssians. Then through blood, sweat and hatred Arrivir would do it, he would be unleashed.

The End

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