Arrivir stood on the walls, waiting for the Abyssians to start their advance. Thoughts ran through his head so fast he thought the only thing stopping his head from bursting was his helmet! He had his hand on the leather handle of his sword, ready to release it from it's sheathe. "Today", he thought, "my blade is going to taste Abyssian blood."

    At the burst of a few horns, the Abyssians started marching towards the walls again. There were quite a few this time, they each wore different types of armor. Some wore glossy black plate, some wore leather jerkins with crude iron studs. But they all had one thing in common, each had a black surcoat with a red swirl on it, to symbolize the Abyss, their religion. Arrivir took a look at his fellow Ravalonians. They wore each wore silvery chainmail, with steel plate arms and greaves, and each wore a shining steel helm with a red plume on the top. They also wore a red surcoat with a white falcon.

    Suddenly Arrivir realized that combat was going on, arrows whizzed past his head, back and forth. The closer the Abyssians got, the faster the archers fired. There were many Abyssian soldiers but with each pace, another of their men died. Suddenly Arrivir was thrown back as an arrow thudded into his shield. Varimir, who stood right next to him, turned towards Arrivir and laughed until another arrow smacked into his shield.

    After about ten minutes, the Abyssians reached the walls and raised their ladders. The ladders had hooks on the ends to dig into the walls, it also prevented the Ravalonians from pushing the ladder aside. One ladder came right up in front of where Arrivir stood. Remembering his training, Arrivir stepped in front of the ladder, sword at the ready, he would swing at any man who tried to climb, they would be defenseless.

    The Abyssians climbed up the ladders with surprising agility, but as soon as they were within reach, the Ravalonians started cleaving and stabbing them with their swords. Arrivir's face and sword hand became smeared with blood, "sweet payback," he thought as he saw the mound of Abyssians piled at the base of the ladder. But then he heard a battle horn and turned to see a dozen Abyssians, pushing a ram straight towards the gate of Redkeep.

The End

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