This will be avengedMature

    Arrivir sat on the battlements, staring at the Abyssian army camping just outside the citadel walls. He wanted so badly to strike back at the Abyssians for their evil, at the first chance, he would cut down every Abyssian that entered his sword reach. Varimir had described him as a guard dog at the end of its chain, waiting to be released so it could rip out the intruders throat. Arrivir started to think about how he wound up in Redkeep, the day he became who he is now.

    About fourteen years ago, when Arrivir was only five years old, his mother and father were murdered, their farm had been invaded by brigands. The souless bandits murdered anyone they could find on the farm, plundering and burning the houses. A few hours later, the Red Guard showed up to investigate the smoke, only to find carnage, but the soldiers found a young boy, kneeling over his mother's corpse, wondering why she wouldn't wake up. The memory produced tears on Arrivir's face which stung, they stung like the fires of the burning farm.

    "Arrivir", a deep voice said, "we need you at the walls, the Abyssians are stirring again." Arrivir turned to see Lirrian standing there, fully armed as always and with that sympathetic look he always seemed to give Arrivir. "I'm sure you want another crack at them," Arrivir grinned and nodded, "Well, are you ready."

    "Oh yes," Arrivir said, he looked at the Abyssian army and said grimly, "This will be avenged."

The End

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