Defend the breachMature

    One morning, as the sunlight shone brightly on the Castle Walls, turning the stone walls a golden color, Arrivir was on his patrols when something new happened. There were bells, shouts and horns sounding off on north wall, Arrivir could hear the sounds of clanging steel and clanking armor as well. He sprinted over to investigate the noises only to be assailed by  a vicious, gory scene.

    There were corpses, piled everywhere in puddles of blood, Arrivir could see Lirrian, cutting down men as if they were nothing but pests to him. Arrivir didn't recognise the invading soldiers immediately, but after a second he realized that they were the soldiers that young kids had nightmares about! These were soldiers from the neighboring country of Abyssia, a cold hearted and violent land. One thousand years ago they had went on a mass invasion of Arrivir's country of Ravalon, only to fail at the hands of the soldiers of Redkeep, the Red Guard.

    Arrivir unsheathed his sword and leaped off a high ledge into the battle, he struck an Abyssian in the neck and kicked one in the chest then impaled him. An Abyssian spearman thrusted at Arrivir but he dodged it easily then slashed the spearmans throat. Suddenly Arrivir was a raging beast, cutting down enemies and slowly, the Red Guard had managed to drive the Abyssians back. Arrivir was still a raging animal though, wanting to claw the Abyssians eyes out.

    "It's okay boy," Lirrian said as he put a hand on Arrivir's shoulder, "If they come back again, which they'd better not, they won' t leave again." Arrivir smiled at the thought, Abyssians were cruel, and they hated the Ravalonians more than anyone for humiliating their military. Arrivir was enraged, not only because they were attacking him, but his friends, his countrymen!

The End

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