Defense of RedkeepMature

Arrivir, a brave soldier in the castle of Redkeep, the strongest and most defensable fortress in all of Valeron. But when an ancient threat rises, Arrivir must rally the soldiers of Redkeep, the Red Guard, to combat overwhelming odds. But Arrivir must also struggle, not only to stay alive...but to keep his friends and countrymen alive!

    It was a cold and foggy morning as the sun's first rays of bronze light pierced the clouds and silhouetted the trees. Arrivir stretched his sore muscles and walked outside to begin his patrols. Life in the castle was boring, Redkeep, he though, once the main battleground for countless battles, now a quiet pile of stones, nothing more than a memory.

    His friend Varimir, also a guard, greeted him as they started their patrols, they had been friends since childhood. On their way to start patroling they passed, Guardmaster Lirrian, and older man with graying hair and a rough beard. Lirrian always sent a chill down Arrivir's spine. He had a long red scar over his left eye, and he had a face that had seen a hundred battles, but his gentle light blue eyes vastly contradicted his battleworn features.

    The patrols, as usual, were boring and eventless, the same mundane ritual everyday, Arrivir started to get edgy. He was sick of being useless, standing around doing nothing wasn't helping anyone. Arrivir felt that he had to do something, he wanted to be helping people, not sitting around on his ass all day!

The End

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