The tale of a vampire and his loyal servant...........

The moon rose to the middle of the sky peering down on the world like it were an insignificant bug. One so small that the slightest touch from a hand would be enough to bring it to deaths door. Like this bug the war was though of as an useless part of life that would be eventually dealt with. A war so grand that reached to the the ends of the earth, this war boiled by past rage. Many life's lost but replaced by countless others willing to step into those shoes. The war would continue on to the last breath of the final warrror.

"Look out! Sir Laurence " A voice bellowed from behind.

It was just in time for him to dodge the dark object that whizzed by his head. With his eyes the dark was bright as day yet that did not keep him out of danger. A deep moan came from the direction in which the object had past. The silhouette shook in anger and stood hunched over covering a vast area. His ears ached from the sharp growl that came from its mouth making him take a step backwards.

"Kill it quick. You don't want it to become its dinner do you." his human friend and servant Gideon yelled pinned to a tree by another.

Gideon stood two itches taller than him, long black hair and violet eyes. He wore clothing covered with distinctive designs ones only worn by the royal family. Black ink etched Gideon's forearms clearly seen from his torn sleeves.Only the worthy of servants bore these marks proof that they belong only to there master.Thick blood dripped from his forehead falling into his eye blinding him.

"What are you doing idiot Fight!" Gideon yelled once more with a haggard breath.

An awful stench came from the jaw of the beast he fought enough to repeal anyone. The sound of growling sent vibrations down Laurence arms reaching all the way up his arms. Gideon let out a sharp shriek pulling back from the jagged teeth of the beast recovering with a meager gash to the arm. Impulse coursed threw  Laurence's veins with a war cry he pierced skin covered with fur tear its throat killing it on spot. Blood squirt from its neck like the spray of a sprinkler that had been just turned on.

"Fight!" Laurence said threw his teeth taunting Gideon.

"Is easier said that done."

Gideon once more launched himself at the wounding beast finishing it in a split second. Coated with black blood Gideon corrected his poster giving an amused smile.

"You were saying."

The bodies of the beast slowly melted away and would disappear by sunrise. A defect of the virus created within the werewolf body. It caused the person to be driven insane and attack any person sight, this virus was said to be triggered by a vampiric bite. Since the first case broke out all ties that werewolf and vampires had were lost consumed by war. Indication of this illness were, bloodshot eyes, foaming at the mouth, mutation, strange behavior. If none of these signs are visible to the eye presents of extreme blood-lust is a major sign.

The bodies of the fallen began to swiftly disintegrate with the coming of dawn, the sun falling into place in the sky. With the disappearance of the bodies so did the blood that belonged to them.Only there shredded clothing remained as a small reminiscent of the battle fought. From the last bone of the beast came a small boy quivering in fear holding tight to a sheet covering the head of a small infant.

"Sicken creatures." Laurence said with a scowl.

"Not all of them Laurence."

"Tsk, even a scholar like you does not know all."

"I am not all knowing but wise." Gideon said with a wink.

The boy held tight to the infant like it were the greatest jewel in the world. Eyes wide with fear but body full of courage the boy stood. A sharp crack startled everyone as the boy took a steep towards him.

"T.take one step an I'll tear you to pieces." The boy yelled baring his sharp fangs like teeth. Fear consumed his body making ever inch of his limbs shake.


"Interesting I think I'll call him Blair." Laurence said bending down close to the boy patting  his head.

Ignoring him the boy now known as Blair bite deep into Laurence hand sending him into a fit of rage. Blair took the infant and ran away from the two not even glancing backwards once.

"Why that little."

"I believe its time to return to our lodging."

A small building rose above them, the texture of the bricks faded. Only a few windows were allowed open others closed off by bricks. The atmosphere around the building was dull and had a depressing felling to it. Inside seemed like different place newly decorated in vivid dark crimson with the slightest touch of gold. Void of anyone but themselves and the clerk smiling at the counter.

"Welcome, what kind of room would you like?" 

"Just give us your cheapest." Gideon said with a scowl looking the clerk strait in the eyes not giving an itch.

The keys gave a jangle as they fell into Gideon's hands, the sound echoing off the walls.Lights flickered from above adding to the ominous felling he had earlier when they had entered. With a quickness Laurence took off dragging Gideon by the collar arriving shortly at they're room. 

"L.. Laurence let go."

By the time he realize it was to late he had nearly chocked Gideon to death in his hast. Gideon's face was pale but it was easy to see that he was clearly unamused by his antics. Laurence tried to make a break for it but was thrown to the ground sending a sharp pain up his shoulder.

"W..what was that for?" 

"Dumbass."  The door slammed behind Gideon as he shut the door locking him out.

"Wait your locking me out here without feeding me?"

The lights in the hallway went out in a sudden flash leaving him complete darkness,,sounds of dragging foot steps echoed off the walls. A sharp instinct flood over him causing him to bolt backwards crashing into a table. The lamp hit the ground with a smash flinging bits of glass all over the floor. His eyes had finally adjusted to the dark making out a small figure in front of him. Fear consumed him as a growl escape from the figure, hands taking a hold of Laurence's shoulders. When the light came on the bright crimson eyes of a small built man towering over him caught him eye.

"King of Vampire's are you happy?"


"I asked are you happy!" The man shook with anger sending vibration down his arms, forcing Laurence to the ground by his wrist.

"What are you talking about!"

"You..killed my brother." Tears fells from the mans face landing on his absorbed by his cotton collar.

"You must PAY!"

The mans put his lips of him forcing a thick liquid down his throat, leaving him sputtering and chocking for breath when the grasp left. Dark red blood drenched his shirt staining Laurence's favorite shirt. The mans had left as quickly as he came melting into the shadows. Encrusting pain followed by vibrant visions fell over him, when the pain vanished so did his consciousness.

The morning sun clouded Gideon vision leaving him full awake, stretching he removed himself from bed. After a cup of coffee he looked outside trying to located Laurence however he was nowhere in sight.

"Where did he go?"

With further investigation he saw trails of blood on the floor leading each and ever direction in the building. Once he reached the front desk he found the clerk trapped by a silver cross drove into his heart, a smile still worn. Blood covered the turning a faint brown as it started to dry. Gideon's nose burned from the sickeningly sweet smell the corpse had given off. A small note was lodged between the clerks teeth the only thing that had escape the blood.

It read............

                                             Catch me if you can

"This is terrible did Laurence really do this?"

It took a week before Gideon was able to catch a lead on Laurence's Whereabouts.The trees in the area look as if they had been marked by wild wolves the only thing that stood out is that blood was caked into the wood.  A small child bummed into him causing Gideon to reach out an take ahold of the child. 

"Its you."

"Let me go!" 

The infant that he held in his hands did not stir in fact it did not appear to be alive, its skin  turning a shade of purple. It was Blair the boy who had appeared from inside the shriveled carcass of the beast they had fought. Gideon grabbed the infant from the boys hands taking a good look at it, the eyes shot open glowing a deep red. Started the infant was dropped to the floor with a crack it died split seconds later.

"What have you done!" Blair howled collecting the limp body of the baby.

The body gave a last jerk sinking its teeth into Blair's arm in response he sank his teeth into it crushing its bones. It stopped moving completely crushed by Blair's sharp canine teeth.

"Is this what power feels like." a smile fell over the boys face.

"Isn't about time your came out, Laurence."

"If it is your desire my lord." a voice said a swiftly emerging from behind one of the trees.

Laurence's appearance was slightly different his brown hair took a deeper shade of golden orange that reminded him of a fire. His eyes had dulled to a dark brown that held a glint of a red from his former shade. His clothing were all white and did not hold a shred of blood like expected, gold lacing covered his chest open at the front showing skin topped off by a black belt. Its boots, cuffs, collar were all black gloves covered Laurence's hands, a cape flowed from his back its insides crimson red.

He bent down of one knee a kissed the top of Blair's hand softly showing respect.The boy flaunted a look of arrogance taunting Gideon. There was no trace of Laurence's usual self left behind.

"Whatever you wish I will make happen."

"Kill him" Blair said pointing in Gideon's direction.

With lightning fast speed he bolted forward plunging his arm into Gideon chest pulling it out quickly causing him to fall into Laurence's arms. Tears streaked his seemingly emotionless face his gaze blank as if he could not see clearly.

"Laurence, its okay now." Gideon said with a pant stretching his arm out patting him on the head.

Those words snapped him back to reality, trying to take in what happened. With one look to Gideon's pale face he immediately knew what happened. Pain creased his face tears still falling from his eyes.


"There's no time, kill the boy burn his body he is the source of the infection."

Laurence placed him on the ground said a few words to him, "I'll come back for you."

Blair turned to run but he caught by him rage filled Laurence body. Like oil igniting a flame his rage set fire to his palms. It did not burn his palm nor his hand it was like he was impervious to fire. 


The boys body went up in flames setting fire to everything around them. Blair escaped from his grasp running towards a small river but he would never reached consumed by the fire. With great hast he returned to Gideon who was still alive and breathing faintly. 

"Hell's flame...I thought I never see it again after your grandfathers passing."

"Hell's flame." He repeated.

"You are truly our king."

"Shut your energy."

"Like always I see. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friend." With those words he fell into a deep slumber.

"No thank you." Laurence said closing Gideon's eyes

The End

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