So I Ran Away

So I ran away. My dad wouldn’t care. He never told me the truth. In fact, I could hardly call him my dad; he kept so many secrets from me.

            I have my back pack full of food, water bottles, the money I’ve saved up, two changes of clothes, and my necessaries. All I need to survive. On the outside I’m wearing layers and layers of clothing plus my winter coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and boots.

            It will be cold. Inside my bag I have two other pairs of shoes; my tennis shoes and converse. Everything I need.

            I take my first steps out of my home town. It felt a little scary, but I did..

Where was I traveling? Who knows? Probably to Tennessee. To my mom’s family to learn the truth. The truth of her…of me.

            That was three states away. I’d have to travel through Ohio, Kentucky, and Part of Tennessee to get there. So really it was two in a half.

The End

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