Me? Yeah, I'm lost. I don't know who to believe, who to turn to. My own father lied about the "world" I "lived in". He kept secrets about me and my own mother. He says it was to protect me, but I didn't believe him. So I ran.

A girl walking.

       She walks very fast with a special book close to her heart. The book holds all the secrets of her kind in it. She had strict orders not to show anyone. So far she hasn't. The cold November winds blow hard against her slender figure. Suddenly, the wind rips the book from her hands. It flies about ten feet in front of her. She scrambels to retrieve the book from the sidewalk, but before she gets there the book cover flips open and pages from the book rip out and blow away in the wind. She closes the book, sadly looking at the left over pages. Then she runs. As far away from them as she can. Then she hides the book in a trunk in her house and she disappears from the face of the earth. Meanwhile, the pages of her kind spill out all over the world. The world finds out. And the girl's kind goes into hiding.

The End

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