Deep beneath the ocean is a tribe of people who live and breathe underwater. Wars with neighbouring tribes plague their land. In order to find peace, they are going to have to search deeper - that is, if they even want to find peace at all.

Scada and Nadou are close friends with a troubled past. As war threatens to wipe out their tribe, they are desperate to find peace. A mysterious underwater lake - an anomaly that should not exist - strikes terror into all of their people. The lake is comprised of a strange subtance that is heavier than water. This is the one place that no tribe will go.

With battle becoming bloodier each day, Nadou convinces Scada to travel to the lake and discover its mysteries. If they can secure its safety, their tribe will be able to live there in peace. Their enemies are too afraid of the lake to fight for it.

All suspect the lake to be filled with horrors, but what the two discover there could not have been anticipated. It resides in the deepest part of the ocean, where many strange beasts exist and inexplicable events occur.

Even if Scada and Nadou return from their treacherous journey into the deep, there is no guarantee that the tribe will follow. War is in their blood and lungs, after all.

The End

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