Deep Invaders

In the deep ends of the ocean exists a civilization of alien-looking intelligent organisms. Contact with the surface never occurred. They posses a superior intellect, and decide to do 'space exploration'. They build a 'space ship'. When they finally emerge, they find themselves in our world. These creatures, large and evil looking, are in fact no bigger than a mouse. The story is about how they attempt to conquer humanity (in funny ways... this is a comedy) and fail every attempt.

It is 1958, in NASA headquarters. A group of scientists listens attentively to a radio transmission. To the untrained ear, this would sound like pure noise, but the scientists know better. For the last 12 years, NASA has been secretly collecting what they thought were signals coming from an extraterrestrial civilization. A supercomputer, after months of intensive work has finally managed to decode a message. As the scientists approach the screen to read the message, they can’t believe their eyes:

Human race, surrender or perish. We are coming


Six months earlier. Speaking in alien language, a slimy green scary-looking creature approaches an apparatus resembling a telephone.

- Commander – he utters in a deep voice – we have received another communication from the humans. It seems they still do not acknowledge our warning message.

- Lieutenant – said the commander – please proceed with the transmissions. The earlier they surrender, the easier it will be to accomplish our goal to dominate the Universe.

- Yes sir!

The End

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