Two Months of virtual "Solitary Confinment"

      I sighed deeply. It had been almost one month, that's half-way, since my family went away. They went on vacation to Flordia, and left the real southerner stuck in New York. Not the city either, oh no, they left me in the middle of no-where: UPSTATE NEW YORK.

      I had heard once, that when people are put into solitary confinment they lose their minds. I had begun to wonder if this was any different. The sun was shining, but gave off zero warmth. There were piles of snow everywhere causing the never-ending urge to run outside and jump in. I wandered over to my personal one-cup coffee maker.

      "Hello Mr. CoffeePot! How are you today?" I smiled as I greeted my favorite household cook, "Why thank you! I'm actually feeling a little down today. Yes, yes the french vanilla would be lovely thanks." I then wandered outside to get the mail, in my pajamas, like I had so often done when I lived in South Carolina. One step out the door, still in the porch, and I gasped.

      "Holy buttercookies! It's freezing! This isn't right, it's not normal, it's not humane! This shouldn't be legal! Damn it, I'll go buy a flame thrower and fix all this snow!!" I ran to the mailbox and back muttering to myself. I quickly slammed and locked the door, tossed the mail onto the island in our kitchen, and plopped down at the computer desk. In my annoyance I accidently hit the giant fluffy white thing my grandparents called a cat as I opened my laptop. As I opened up Windows Media Player, the folder containing all of my notes on Muichimotsu, and limewire, I checked weatherbug.

      "SEVENTEEN DEGREES?! What?! And a windchill of negitive five?! This is just evil! Pure evil! Inhumane, cruel, horrorfi--WHY ISNT THE FIRE ON?!" I rushed over to the thermastat and turned it up to seventy-five degrees. I really hated New York.

      "What's that Mr. CoffeePot? My coffee is ready? Yay! Thanks!" I pranced over to my coffee pot, grabbed my Stewie coffee mug and added sugar. That was how I liked my coffee. If I couldn't find a cool seasonal creamer, I stuck to having a little coffee with my sugar.

      I brought my coffee over to the laptop and opened AIM. My one connection with reality. There were many people signed on. Further proving my theory that fate condemned me to two months of solitary confinment, I realized that every single one of them either had an away message up or was idle. All except ONE. It was my ex-boyfriend. Sure we talked all the time, and he was a great friend, so I messaged him.

RoyalPelican: Hey :D

EvryOneSuks29: Hey :)

RoyalPelican: >_< Im so lonelyyyyy!!! I miss civilizatioooon!!!

EvryOneSuks29: o.o Oh. Well, I'm sorry.

EvryOneSuks29: I can't really talk though. I'm kind of leveling my level 89 blademaster.

EvryOneSuks29: It's a 2x EXP event....

RoyalPelican: Oh. ;___; Okay. Well....bye then....

                            You have signed offline.

      Oh, great. Ditched again. I glanced over at my favorite stuffed animal. It was a cute little fox. I threw my arms around it, even though it fit in the palm on my hand, and sobbed, "Oh Mr. Fox! Your the only one who cares anymore! Mr. and Mrs. TeaPot are too busy being content, and The Loneliest TeaPot is too busy whinning about her sister running off and eloping with Mr. TeaPot the night of her own wedding with him to care!" I had a story for every item in the house by now.

      "What's that? Check the calender? Well, alright, but I don't think that will make it any better..." I got up and walked over to the sink and counted the weeks until my grandparents returned.

      "Just four weeks and three days more, Mr. Fox, just four and three more...."

The End

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