Take the Plunge!

  "Seriously, you should come watch this, it's just, it's so sad."  A small woman with long brown hair sat on a couch watching a large TV.  Beside her a box of tissues, judging from the pile, the sad show had been going on for quite some time.

  "Can you not see I am right in the middle of something?"  Another woman, who, oddly enough, looked exactly like the first, snapped and then turned back to the pile of papers and bulletin board.  Filing cabinets bookmarked her desk and every once and a while she would reach over and grab some papers from one of the files, shake her head, and then replace them.

  "I said, I'm right in the middle of something!  Can you please cut that out?!"  Turning over her other shoulder she was now addressing the third woman, who, can you believe, was again freakishly like the first two.

  The third woman continued to sing.  Her voice rising and falling as she stood, arms open wide. 

Oh no!  You never let go! 
Lord you never let go of me. 
Lord, you never let go of me!

  Her voice drifted gently off into the evening and she took a moment to draw in a deep breath before turning to address the snarly one.

  "I was right in the middle of something too.  I need the practice, as soon as they're finished up there she's going to want me."  She smiled sweetly and then walked over to the couch next to the crying woman and gave her a hug.

  "It's ok, but you need to stop watching reruns, it's so sad!  The new ones are alot better.  Like today's for example, that is going to be a good one!"

  *sniff*  "Than-"

  They all turned as one to look at the stairs, a huge group of people, animals, and assorted items came down the stairs.  Some looked familiar, some dear friends and others just a passing recognition.  A few waved as they made their way down the hall into a room labelled "I Wish..."

  "You better hurry" Snapped the one with all the papercuts.  "If you don't get up there soon they'll have to open... that door.

  Her words were hushed and they all looked at a door that had been barricaded shut.  The chains holding it seemed to strain under the force of the door.  Whatever was inside really wanted out.  A woman dressed in white with a delicate silver cross around her neck stood infront of the door.  She seemed oblivious to the pounding behind her and also to the group of dopelgangers surrounding her.

  After giving the weeping woman a quick hug the other one stood up and sprinted up the stairs, singing softly as she went.

A woman lay curled up onthe bed began to stir.  Long brown hair lay mussed on the pillow and her long, purple-tipped nails wrapped tightly around the blanket.  Her eyes opened and she smiled, a song was on her heart this morning and she began to sing as she got out of bed.

  Oh no! You never let go
Through the calm and through the storm
  Oh no! You never let go
Every high and every low
  Oh no! You never let go
Lord, you never let go of me...

The End

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