Deep In The Mind of Protagonizers...

The room was dark. Shadows intruded on all sides, though they weren't exactly, by definition, shadows. They were of all colors of the rainbow, and then some. In the center of the space was a bed, a figure curled up comfortably in the covers. Then a voice pierced the strange silence.

Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it...

"Paranoid freak..." Scratching her head, a girl in her teenage years silently cursed the echoing thoughts. Minds were not always the peaceful of places. "'Course... We are the same person..."

Don't think about it, don't think about it...

"Hey! 'Snot like anyone here's gonna read your mind! If they were in here, I'd know..." The not-quite-human looked wistfully at her bed. "I'm trying to get some sleep here..."

Far, far outside the mental boundaries of the place, a girl of similar appearance to the inner one, though most definitely human, frowned. Inner voices, she always thought, were quite annoying. I don't like getting up either. And I can't help it if I'm paranoid. The idea of someone knowing what I'm thinking--

"I know, I know. Totally tears apart your definition of privacy. Hey, Anna--" She snapped her fingers as if she was calling a servant, her face the supreme representation of spoiled. "--Shove something interesting down here, would you? I'm getting bored."

I can't. School. Gotta think.

"I thought you weren't thinking..." Inner-Anna shook her head, playing with her pointed, rather feline ears. "Then I've gotta go digging up an old one. Fair enough?"

Go wild. God, I can't believe I've been driven to talking to myself...

"I heard that!" The Inner-Anna trotted purposefully to a filing cabinet that had appeared out of nothingness. As she opened a drawer and flipped through the contents, (The folders were organized not alphabetically but rather by use: "When I'm Bored," "For the Next Test," etc.) she let out a sigh. "I've been down here way too long. I remember this all..." She immediately grabbed one file and pulled it out of its place. As it was removed, it disappeared, but a vibrant field with flowers appeared. A file labeled "Bedroom" appeared and hovered neatly over to the now-empty space. "No, no, too sappy..." Inner-Anna rifled through a few more files, and the landscape changed accordingly, before finally settling on a classroom.

Well, kind of a classroom. Like everything else in the space, it was colorful and, to an extent, rather cartoonish, much more interesting than the classroom outside the mental boundaries. "I guess..." Inner-Anna's thoughts were confirmed as an obnoxious bell rang from both her left and right. "...We have to think now, don't we?"

Yeah. Algebra. You shouldn't have taken so long.

"Dammit." Inner-Anna yawned. "Sorry, I had a bit of a case of Thinker's Block."

That's my line.

"True. Well, I'm going back to sleep..."

Uh-uh. Algebra. Now.

"Dammit," repeated the girl, walking back over to the filing cabinet. "Well, don't blame me if you die of boredom."

Oh, I will.

"And that's the way it'll always be, huh?"

Don't worry. I'll never start making sense on you.

"Same here, girl. Same here."

The End

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