Deep Down

A quick story I made, left on a cliff hanger.
My friends agreed it was the best story so far :-)

Deep Down...


Four funny looking creatures walked towards the fire near the forest end, all circled around the fire and chanted together: 'We will get what we want, anyone who enters will never come out alive...


Maily and Anna set out to the nearby field to hunt for good for the week, they opened the field gates and saw many people inside. Three boys also carrying a bow and a arrow, came over. 

"A never ending war this is" Maily said to John "any hunts for today?" 

"Can't find anything, the only person who has found food today is Jamininon" said John.

"Then there is no point staying here, we need to find food somewhere else" said Malat.

"But where?" asked Blendon.

"The forest" said Malat.

"But that's forbidden!" Maily said.

"If that's what we have to do, we have to do it" Ania said.


They all walked into the Arch of the forest when a pale blue light appeared. "Leave..." It said and flew away. The path underneath there feet started shaking and Maily and Malat both went flying in the air and were held in a standing postion. Ania screamed as the path split in two which looked as though it lead to an never ending pit. Maily became unconscious and Blendon ran for his life. A bright light shone from the middle of the pit and seemed to be getting bigger until WHOOSH all was black...


Ania woke up first and looking around her she saw Malat to her left and Maily to her right and John laying behind her. 'But where's Blendon?' Ania thought. Everyone soon woke up.

"Where's Blendon" Malat asked.

"I thought we agreed to stick together" Maily said.

Then suddenly from the heart of the forest there was a scream...


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The End

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