I didn't want to believe that Dee Dee was behind my stint in prison, but this was just too mother*$@*ing convenient. That bitch is unbelievable. After a few blocks I stopped, suddenly feeling too weary. It was just too much to come back after two years to find a gun shoved in my face and my own store hi-jacked by the one person that I thought had my back. Dee Dee Slayde having your back...how f*$@*ing naive was that!?

I had to find her. Talk to her. Break her face. Beg for my store back. Hit her with a shovel. Grovel at her feet. But Dee Dee Slayde wasn't easily found. You had to go through one of her boys. Blaze or that no-good piece of s*^t Voodoo. Shane "Voodoo" Stanley hates my gut and it's no mystery why. He's been in love with Dee Dee since school and can't stand the fact that she chose me. If I had to choose between dealing with Blaze or dealing with Voodoo, I'd go with Blaze in a heart beat.

My thoughts were disrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching. Judging by the figure coming towards me, I didn't have a choice but face Voodoo twice in one night. Karma's worse that Dee Dee.

"Liking the store, Boots?".  Despite his face looking like shit after meeting my boot, he looked smug.

"Shane, listen, I have to talk to Dee. Where is she?"

"The hell I'm telling you."

"Then get the hell out of my face."

I walked on, leaving him grinning in the light of a street lamp. Bastard. Trying to reason with that idiot wasn't going to get me anywhere. I'd have to find Blaze.

Even so, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was up. Something more sinister than the obvious betrayal. I thought of my homecoming gift. The key in the jewelry box. Dee Dee never did anything without a motive. But whether that motive was in my best interest was a completely different question.

The End

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