A suckerpunch in the darkMature

There were a lot of things spinning around Bootsy's head as he tried returning the desk to its former condition, minus the little digital Rolodex of course, which he pocketed. He was contemplating his next move, Blaze's number still fresh on his mind; he was trying to remember how the desk had been arranged before he began rummaging around, displacing stuff; but mostly he was fantasizing about Katherine. Her voice had sent tremors into his body over the phone, and he tried to picture what she used to look like and combine that with the sultry, breathy voice she currently possessed. He had never heard her sing, but he bet that must have been exciting, too. There were posters featuring her headshot all over the place in this new “Art” district. She was a big deal. He could pretend when he looked upon those posters that maybe she was smiling at him.

Damn,” he muttered at himself, silently chastising himself in his head, “lovesick puppy. Get your head in the game, Boots.”

Ironic turn of a phrase, because at that very moment someone in the darkness behind him was attempting to separate his head from his body. He caught a whisper of movement behind his left ear and instinct told him to drop and evade, and Bootsy never ignored his instincts. He dropped into a roll which carried him under the desk he had just ransacked.

Unfortunately for him, the blow had already landed on the back of his head. A blow which would have split his skull wide open had he not tucked his chin at the last moment. He skidded under the cold metal base of the desk and felt the cold of the floor seep into his body as blood pooled beneath his head. His eyes fluttered but refused to focus on anything, and the only thing of which he was aware was his own heartbeat. It pulsed inside his head in a solid, slow rhythm, with all the subtlety of a punk rock concert, his beats-per-minute getting pumped through a huge amp stack. The throbbing was enough to crack open the back of his skull.

Anger welled up to the forefront of his consciousness, briefly, before the blackness overpowered him and sucked him in with welcoming arms and he passed out.

The End

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