Oh, okay. You seem like such a nice fellowMature

O-oh,” she stammered, “Joe?”

Um, yeah. I heard he goes by the name Blaze now.”

Oh,” she spat, “that stupid thing. He's going through some kind of – I don't know – crisis or something. He's pretending he's some kind of badass, but I'm worried that someday he's going to run into someone who's not pretending and get himself hurt.”

Fallen into the wrong crowd, huh? Happens a lot in this town, I'm afraid.”

I am not asking you to save him, Bootsy; I don't even want you getting involved. But if you could just ask him to call me, I would really appreciate it. It seems my pleas for him to get away from that woman fall on deaf ears. I'll have to redouble my efforts. He's just so damn stubborn sometimes.”

Bootsy wondered if “that woman” was one Miss Dee Dee Slayde. He was thinking of separating Blaze from Dee Dee as well, but he played the ignorant card, “A lover?”

Katherine groaned into the phone and grumbled, “An employer.”

Oh? Bad business?”

A woman named Slayde, and yes she is most certainly bad business.”

Wait, did you say Slayde? That's the name on the... document that I am looking for. Where can I find her?”

I don't know, Bootsy. And believe me, if I knew where to find that bitch tonight I would be out right now purchasing a gun.”

Wow.” He had to admit, he found her new-found venom a bit of a turn-on.

I'm sorry.”

No, it's just I've never seen this dark side of you. It's kinda scary.”

She sighed heavily, “Look, I don't know where she could have dragged him tonight. She seems to pop up all over the city, like an STD.”

Bootsy had to snort back a peal of laughter, despite himself. Of all the things Dee Dee Slayde had been called over the years, he doubted she got “Venereal Disease” very often. It was kind of funny though, although Dee Dee would no doubt break both of Katherine's knees if she heard her talking like that.

But I can give you his cell number,” she read it off to him and he recited it back, committing it to memory, “hope that helps. Please find my brother, Bootsy. I'm worried he's going to find trouble hanging around this broad.”

No doubt. Thanks, Katherine. I'll call you tomorrow and let you know how it went.”

Thank you, Bootsy. You're a good man.”

He hung up and thought about that in the darkness. He had never been called a good man at any point in his life. It was almost as weird as being compared to Cupid's Itch. Even weirder when he thought about how badly he was going to beat Blaze's ass when he found him.

The End

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