Chapter One: Celebration of Life

The morning after Stella Morgan wakes up from a joyful night of celebrating her twenty first birthday. When she discovers a mysterious five on her left wrist. After desperately trying to remove it from her wrist, she soon realises that the five can't be erased. She doesn't remember making a late night trip to the tattooist or did she?
Upon visiting her doctor and trying to beg him to somehow remove the ''tattoo'', she meets a nurse who knows exactly what the mysterious five means.

Chapter One: Celebration of Life.

“Stella, just chill for a moment! You’ve been organising this for months now, everything is going according to plan.”

I couldn’t keep still; I was paranoid that I had forgotten something. I was passing around the house like a chook with it’s head cut off. I had spent almost an hour doing my makeup only to ruin it because it’s so god damn hot and the sweat is beading down my face.
“Can you believe this?” I exclaimed as came to a sudden standstill in front of my boyfriend, Jay.

“What is it now?” He groaned, pressing his palm into his eyeball socket.
I pointed my arms up towards the sky and dragged out a long rugged sigh.
“Look at these hideous pools of sweat forming!” I cocked my wrists down and used index fingers to point at the “hideous pools of sweat”. Which by the way, were absolutely repulsing in every sense of the word. Musty brown moist looking stains underneath my armpits…so every time someone hugs me they’re going to feel my sweaty pits slowly melting in their clean and freshly ironed shirt. I couldn’t tell whether Jay was in disbelief or not sure what to say to such a comment. But judging by the absence of conversation, I’d say he was trying to be a good boyfriend and just not say anything. Except for perhaps the worst possible thing to say in a moment like this:
“Honey, you look fine!” He says with ease not knowing what trouble such a statement led him to.
“Jay…I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.” I firmly gripped onto his shoulders and yank myself close to his face. Staring deeply into eyes and my lips pressed together. “I will be hosting potentially the biggest celebration of my life in less than ten minutes and I am wearing a stunning white dress that has already been soiled by my stench. I have no time to change into something else and my makeup is already making me look like a prostitute that just finished for the night. How do you think I feel looking like this?!” I kept myself levelled trying not to scream and shout in his face because well…he was only trying to help after all. But, it still doesn’t mean that what he is let off the hook!
“Don’t worry about the visitors! I can show them inside while you have a quick shower and redo your makeup. I’ve got it all under control.” He flashed a smile while he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling his face into my stomach.

“Are you sure?” I asked apprehensively.

“Time is ticking.” He released me from his grip and tapped his watch. My sweaty and mascara painted face managed to grow a smile as I gave him a quick peak on the forehead and scurried off to the bedroom whilst shouting out to him:
“I love you!”
“I love you, too!” He instantly replied.


Once I was safely in my bedroom with the door closed and locked. I started to quickly undress myself; I hopped around on my left foot as I tried wedging my ankle strapped sandal off my right foot. I was wobbling around uncontrollably and soon lost balance crashing down onto my bed. I paused for a moment and just embraced the immense comfort of my bed.

“It’s sad to say but I am ready for bed already.” I spoke into my bed.
Come on, Stella! This is no time to think about sleep. I swang myself up and removed my shoes properly this time and continued into the bathroom. My head was slightly throbbing from all the stress of freaking out about the party. I used my index finger and thumb to lightly massage my forehead as I waited for the shower water to turn to heat up.
“What a mad rush.” I groaned as I continued to rotate my fingers around my temple.
I watched my reflection slowly disappear from the mirror as the steam built up in the room. Creating a very relaxing sauna like atmosphere; I stopped massaging my head and I removed my dress and undergarments. I poked one foot into the shower to test whether the temperature was just right.
I stepped in under the shower head and let the lukewarm water drown my entire body in its holy goodness.  I closed my eyes and tilted my head up to allow the water drench my face. I stood there quietly for several minutes before reaching for the face cloth to scrub away the remaining makeup on my face. Jay’s words echo in the back of my mind about he thinks women use makeup to hide their natural beauty and how it’s creating more self-image problems rather than solving them. And for the most part I agree with him and normally I wouldn’t wear makeup because it’s just too much effort to apply. But, for an occasion such as my birthday; I feel like it’s necessary to look gorgeous and all dolled up. The face cloth was smeared with black smudges after I finished using it. With no regards as to where it landed, I carelessly threw the cloth down on the blue and white tiled floor and decided to get out of the shower before my skin starts to get wrinkly. I am only turning twenty one, not eighty! I tightly turned the shower knobs off and reached towards the towel rack. I started rigorously drying my hair with my pink towel. After several minutes of intense hair drying, I stepped out of the shower and wiped down the rest of my body. I looked at my white dress that I was wearing before and thought perhaps I shouldn’t wear it again. After all, it would have defeated the purpose of me going for a shower if I put it back on. Before completely exiting bathroom, I did one final makeup check to make sure that it was all gone from my face.
“Yup! All good.” I nodded.

I walked into my bedroom still completely naked as I rummaged through the piles of clothes scattered around the room in hope of finding a party like dress. Whilst frantically flinging clothes across my bedroom, I could faintly hear techno music and laughter emitting from outside my bedroom. I was cursing myself for not being more organised!
“Oh my god! Finally!”  I sighed in relief as I pulled out a purple and white tie dyed dress from the bottom of a pile of clothes. In spilt moment, I pulled the dress over my head and tied my hair up in a messy bun. Grabbed the nearest thin black belt and wrapped it around my waist and slipped back into my black ankle strapped sandals. I ignored the fact that I had no makeup on; instead just applied a small amount of lip gloss and hurried outside to greet my guests.

“At long last, the birthday girl has arrived!” Jay announced proudly to the small group of people.

A small cheer of excitement broke out from the group. People whistled, clapped and wooed as I stood there slightly stunned by the reaction I received.
“Thank you everyone! I apologise for being late to my own party.” I sheepishly smiled.
“Gurl, you look fabulous!” My homosexual friend Jamie shouted gleefully from the back of the group. Everyone burst out into laughter which just set the vibe for a great night. Suddenly, all the stressing and worrying about whether the night was going to be perfect or not was extinguished from my mind. I could just relax and enjoy myself.
“Well then, let’s get this party started, shall we?” Jay asked everyone.
“Hell yes!” Everyone including me shouted cheerfully.
Jay cranked the music up and cracked open a can of Smirnoff black for me. He loosely wrapped his arms around my waist and swayed a little. I looked into his sparkling ocean blue eyes and just smiled, hoping he knew just how happy I was. If it wasn’t for Jay, this night wouldn’t have ever happened. I wasn’t the type of person to have big celebrations; because I knew that drama always followed with big parties. But, Jay reassured me that he’d swiftly handle any drama which put my mind at ease.
“Happy birthday Stella” Jay mouthed to me because the music was too loud for me to hear him.
I nuzzled my head into his chest and rested it there as we continued to hold each other close and dance to the music. 

The End

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