Secondary Entry StrategyMature

A man wakes up from cyro. He has no memory and worse of all finds himself hurtling to the surface of another planet. While a group of mercenaries hunts him.

Red, cold, sirens, headache, grogginess, stiffness, pain.  It was like being dragged through broken glass while be torn away from a deep sleep. Nothing made sense, and everything was a blur.  My line of site was washed over by another flash of red light; the sirens slowly became  clear. My sight was getting sharper; I could make out shapes and define things. I was in a pod of some sort. It was cold, very cold. Ahead of me was a window but at the moment frost covered it only revealing the red light that flashed by. I tried to move my limb but something binded it pad that I was resting on. I looked around the pod noting disconnected tubes, life support screens, a release mechanism to leave. It was a cyropod. That explained why I felt I had been treated like a dog chew toy. At any rate I wasn't currently able to leave the the cyropod and it didn't answer anything about what was going on outside of my cozy cyropod. Something caused the pod to shake and jostle violently.

"Due to advance hull damage primary entry of planetary atmospheres has been rendered impossible. Secondary entry strategy is being executed." A monotone voice cut the sirens temporarily.

I was in a spaceship? What? I didn't remember getting on a spaceship. Thinking of remembering I didn't remember much.  A sense of fear filled me as I tried to remember what brought me here. Gunfire,  running. Nothing else came to me though except brief childhood memories but even they were fracture. I only remember one thing prominently and that was a name; my name. Shard Decloak. I could vividly remember that name on a shining metal surface.  I was sure it was mine it had to be. It was the only thing that was in my head that wasn't fractured. Thy cyropod dropped violently shaking me from my fervour. The window had thawed and I was gazing out into a black void which held 4 spherical objects with a larger yellow surface underneath me. There was a bright yellow one I guessed to be a sun, two brilliantly blue moons, and the planet I supposed I was going to land on. The Monotone voice mentioned something about using a secondary entry strategy. I wondered what it meant by that.  The ship shook violently again I could see a bunch of pods streak across my sight towards the planet. That was the secondary entry strategy!?

"No! No!" I shouted hysterically shaking in my bindings as the pod retracted back.

"Cyropod priming for entry." The Monotone voice said as a metal sheet slid over my window while the cyropod hummed and shook lightly as if the metal plate I saw was just now being fashioned to my pod," Your pod is ready for entry. Sorry for the inconvenience. Alkin spacecorp would like to thank you for choosing our services, and wishes you a safe journey. In the event of death next of kin will be notified and will be refunded. Goodbye." 

"Event of death?" I said shrilly trying to squirm my way through the bindings and roof of the cryopod to no avail.

Before I could  I heard a thump that resounded through the cryopod before a violent burst forward sent us hurtling towards what I presumed was the planet’s surface. I couldn't scream one because the gravitational forces were too much and it felt like my heart was in the back of my throat along with everything else; and two the amount of shear tear was just too much for me to even scream. The pod began to heat up while hot droplets of water made their way to the roof of the pod. The death trap must have hit the atmosphere and was going through the process of burn. I closed my eyes for the next 10 minutes of heart wrenching eternity. I felt the pod slow down and minutes later violently hit something solid and stop completely. The metal sheet slid of the bindings came undone and the window opened to the right letting in fresh, sweet warm air. A blue bird sky could be seen as still trembled in fear, but weakly managed to fumble out of my pod. I spent the next five to 20 minute simply holding myself and staring at the sandy coloured rock below me trying not puke.  Once I had recovered, I took notice of my surroundings. I had managed to land in yellow stoned valley with a green forest off to my left with a river running out of it cutting the valley into two.  I didn't see any other cyropod landing site anywhere near me; so I was on my own. I checked around the cyropod finding a storage container attached which had an assortment of survival tools, food rations for three days including water, A lazer knife, rope, back pack, a small wrist worn computer, and a change of clothing to which I quickly used. Once I had taken a good swig of my water supplies I activated the wrist computer. 

"Alkin space corps wrist computer model 50txa, thank for choosing Alkin. The use of this computer has two inputs voice and touch. Please say your name for voice imprint."

"uhh. Shard." I said incredulously at the thing."

"Congratulations Shard you are the proud owner of this model of wrist computer. This computer will now respond to any voice command you give it and currently only your voice because you are the only registered user."

"Great, can we skip this tutorial business?" I said with exasperation as thing prattled on.

"Yes, would you li..."

"Yes. Computer find me nearest sign of civilization." I said.

"Nearest civilization. Scanning................................Scanning."  It said with a black screen and a blue circle going around itself.

"Please please." I muttered under my breath as five seconds turned into 15 and 15 turned into 30.

"Scanning." It finally said. Maybe I had landed on an planet yet to be colonized. The computer continued to scan, and I had given up hope waiting and started to trek towards the forest and the river to see what I could find when the computer finally said something, " Connected to localized satellite network, planet designation Zerai 14 closest form of human society is 500 Kilometers North East. Would you like to dispatch a distress signal?"

"Yes please." I said. 



The End

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