"Deck the Halls with Blood"

Grabbing Santa’s hand, Timmy shook it madly, a big cheesy grin on his face. “Now Timmy, don`t think for one minute that i`m not going to give you anything for trying to see me ok? That isn`t true” Timmy nodded his head uncertainly “But mummy and daddy said that I wouldn`t get any if you saw me? And they never lie do they?” Santa shook his head thoughtfully “No Timmy, Mummy and Daddy didn`t lie to you, they just weren`t told about it that is all.” Turning to the Christmas tree behind him, Santa picked up the box he had just wrapped and gave it to Timmy. “In fact Timmy, your mummy and daddy asked me to give you this from them for when you come down to find me” Beaming with joy, Timmy madly undid the red ribbon holding the lid down and lifted the lid to see the severed heads of both his mummy and daddy looking up at him with frozen screams on their faces. Throwing it away in shock, little Timmy turned back to Santa with a petrified look on his face. “Santa, what were those things in the box? They scared me” Pulling a power drill from one of his massive pockets, Santa looked down at Timmy with a strange, creepy smile. “That was their present to you Timmy. They sacrificed so much to get it for you. But now he is my present especially for you Timmy. You know what they say, deck the halls in blood”.  And with that, Santa slowly walked towards Timmy with the power drill at full speed humming `Deck the halls with balls of Hollie`.

The End

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