Deck the Halls with Blood

Inspired once again by an instrumental music piece, this is a demonic, if rather freaky take on christmas eve and Santa.

He slowly tiptoed down the wooden stairs. He wanted to see Santa and today he would finally see him. From since he was able to walk; he had always tried to see Santa on Xmas eve, despite what his parents said. They had always said that if Santa saw him that he wouldn`t get any presents, despite his protests that he wouldn`t be seen. He always seemed to be caught by his parents just as he passed their bedroom door, even though he would be tiptoeing like a mouse. But this time, they had failed to stop him. They were probably still in bed, he thought as he neared the bottom of the stairs. Feeling his heart getting faster and faster, the little boy reached the bottom of the stairs. Poking his head round the corner of the wall, he gasped as he finally saw Santa Claus. He was exactly like the little boy imagined him to be, just like all the pictures of Santa showed him to be. However, unlike the pictures, this Santa’s white gloves where covered in a red sticky liquid which was all over the floor. Curious, the little boy started to walk towards Santa, trying to be as quiet as possible whilst watching him wrapping a final present and humming jingle bells. Straightening up and shaking the thick liquid off his gloves, Santa turned to look straight at the little boy “Oh hello little boy” he chuckled in his deep, friendly voice. “And who might you be?” he asked, squatting down to be on the same level as the child.”T-timmy sir” the child replied, frozen solid to the spot. “Timmy? A brilliant name I must say, nice to meet you Timmy” Santa replied happily holding out his dripping glove towards Timmy.

The End

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