So what? Both choices can't be that different can they?

I look away from them and put my hand up. Sophie is still staring at me, but I ignore her.

‘Yes Amber?' asks Miss Wilson.

‘I was wondering if I could join please Miss' I say. She gives me a really warm smile and says;

‘Well we always encourage new pupils to take up activities'. As she walks off Sophie sneers at me;

‘Why would you want to join that? You're only going make a bigger prat of yourself than you already do. I mean look at your clothes, they look like they've come from a charity shop.'

They laugh meanly at me, and I just sit there, alone and sad for the rest of form time.

At lunchtime, everyone was sneering and jeering at me. There was nowhere for me to sit, so I had to wait for ages for a space. While I was there this sixth former came over to me and threw his drink all over me. ‘You show your face here again and you'll be sorry'. The word from this morning of my father echo in my head, torturing me.

I dried myself off and was then late back to lunch and  had to buy the remnants of lunch;  a soggy cheese sandwich and a bruised apple.

After lunch, I spotted this really amazing looking guy in the corridor. He saw me looking and came up to me;

‘Hey what are you looking at?'

‘Umm, nothing...'

‘Only people who aren't ugly are allowed to look at me.'

‘I...I...I...' He punched me in the face and then walked off. Not long after Sophie and her ‘gang' came over to me.

‘What makes you think you have a chance with Justin? He's mine, he asked me to the Halloween party, which is more than anyone has for you. To be honest I would say you are the unluckiest girl in the world.'

‘You really think that?' I ask meekly.

‘Of course!' She says, and then laughs nastily.

‘You don't have the guy, the looks and most importantly the social status, which I know you want.'



The End

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