‘Naa, as if guys.' I say, screwing up the piece of paper and throwing it on the floor. They grin at me and we keep talking for the rest of form time.

A lunch time they invite me sit on their table, and everyone is looking at me, saying hello to me and being nice. I feel Like I'm on top of the world. Suddenly this weedy little kid spills his drink over me.

‘I'm so sorry' he stutters, but I grab him by the collar and say in my most threatening of voices, ‘you do that again and you'll be sorry' my voice echoing from this morning, and what my dad said. I let the boy go and he ran off crying. I'm so admired then, that I didn't even need my money to buy lunch. This is the life...

After lunch, this mega hot guy comes up to me, ‘Hey, umm, I'm Justin. I was wondering if, well, would you like to go out with me some time?'

Oh My Gosh, I cannot believe it, this hot guy is asking me out!

‘Umm, yeah, well sure whatever.' I grin at him and we swap phone numbers, I stare at him as he walks off, wow, he's so hot.

Just then Stacey and the rest of my gang come up behind me, ‘Oh, wow! Did Justin just ask you out? He's the hottest guy in school!' she says.

‘Yeah, I think he said he was going to take me to this party on Saturday.'

‘you don't mean the Halloween one that Michael Hoffman is hosting?'

‘I think so...'

‘That is the best party of the year! You're so lucky.'  

‘You really think so?'

‘Yes of course so darling! You have the guy, the looks and most importantly the social status, what more do you want?'

The End

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