Decisions to...?

About a girl who has a horrible home life and needs to decide where to take her school and scocial life...

A new year, a new school. Again. I start reading the letter from the new school;

Dear Amber Johnson,

I welcome you to Retchworth Place, and I hope you will be happy here. We provide an excellent course of music wich I've heard you are very interested in...

That's when my dad barges in and catches me reading my letter, the whiff alcohol strong on his breath.

‘Why can't you do better?' spits my dad, slightly slurring his words, ‘you're so useless, no wonder no school wants you.' He sneers at me, his face as poisonous as viper, and coiled back, ready to pounce.

‘I can't help it!' I shout, ‘Ever since mum died, you never helped me do anything. I have to cook and clean and look after Zac, your 7 year old son, while you just sit there all day!' I say, trembling, knowing what I did was a big mistake. And sure enough, that was when the viper strikes, crushing his hand around my neck,

‘You ungrateful little cow. I've done nothing but look after you and your brother for the past 5 years.' He says, continuing to cut off my air supply, I struggle trying to get my breath.

‘You say anything to anyone and you will be sorry, you hear me?' I nod and he lets go, walking out of my room and slamming the door. A tear trickles down my face, but I wipe it away furiously, tying to be strong.

I pass the mirror on the way to the bathroom, and catch my reflection in the mirror. A purple mark is starting to appear on my neck, great. I brush my long black hair out of the way to see how far it goes. It is mostly on the right side of my neck. I sigh and adjust my hair so it covers the marks, I don't want anyone to find out.

I get ready and change into my ‘uniform', or basically the same old black trouser and blouse I've had for the past three years. I then make sure Zac gets ready, before we start walking to school.

‘Amber, why do you keep moving schools?' he asks.

‘Well you see, it's because, because...' but luckily one of his little friends called him and he goes off.

I carry on to Retchworth Place, only another mile or so from Zac's school. Darn! I'm already going to be late. I start running, hoping that I could make it. Success! The bell just rings as I pass the gate, I keep running trying to get to my form room, I dodge and dash past people as I run up the stairs. I find the form room and sit in the last seat left, at the back, next to a group of girls who looked like they ruled the roost.

‘Hey I'm Sophie' says the blonde with a perma-bronzed tan. ‘These are Emily, Liz and Martha. We can help you around school, and promise you the best social life if you stick with us.'

They looked fake to me, and I wasn't sure, I just smiled back at them, ‘thanks, I'm Amber.'

That's when the form teacher, Miss Wilson, came in and interrupted us. She started dillydallying with the register and then started talking about this and that. I zoned out until I heard something quite interesting.

‘... Right and last of all, here are letters to sign up for this year's music programme.' She started handing them out, and people were reluctantly taking them, only a few nerdy looking people were taking them enthusiastically.

‘You don't want to music' whispers Sophie over Miss Wilsons voice, ‘It's social suicide, no-one in their right minds would take it...'

What should I do? I absolutely love music, and playing is my ultimate passion. I look over at Sophie, who's giving me an ‘as if! You can't be serious?' look.

So what? Both choices can't be that different can they? Little did I know that this decision would affect my whole future and who I was to become.

The End

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